Influencer Marketing Hub Ranks as Top 5 Best Influencer Marketing Platform for 2022

New Report Highlights Industry Innovator, as One of the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost Campaigns for Brands and Creators

New Report Highlights Industry Innovator, as One of the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost Campaigns for Brands and Creators, an international platform for brands and creators to unite, has been ranked as one of the top 5 “Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost Campaigns in 2022” by social media and influencer marketing industry experts- Influencer Marketing Hub. According to Statista Research Department, the value of the global influencer market is now worth a record $13.8 billion. In addition, about 46% of marketing professionals plan to increase their influencer marketing investments in 2022, making it challenging for brands to decide how and where to focus their marketing efforts. is a community and collaboration hub that allows small- to medium-sized brands to build, manage and scale their influencer marketing programs by connecting them with a robust database of over 500 million micro and nano influencers. Focusing on social commerce and creator collaboration, uses next-level data and analytics, advanced reporting, ongoing assistance with campaign specialists, and automated campaign management to bring big-business features to small business marketing efforts.

The Influencer Marketing Hub’s top 5 spot highlights Creator’s marketplace experience and the two options available for brands to choose from. The Community-Driven Plan and Self-Serve plan were created with brands of all shapes and sizes in mind. The Community-Driven Plan differs from other influencer marketplaces by utilizing’s unique algorithm, which allows the marketplace to be a much more streamlined experience and enables brands to connect with influencers ideally matched for their campaign, all at the touch of a button.

“Social commerce is still an evolving trend, and as the e-commerce market continues to skyrocket in North America, many SMBs are left with the challenge of finding the right influencers, creating campaigns, and tracking tangible progress all on their own. was designed to help with that. We are dedicated to matching businesses with influencers to create meaningful campaigns that will create an impact and provide them with increased ROI.” – Vinod Varma, Co-Founder & CEO,

About’s workflow starts with campaigns. Whether you’re working with the self-service option or the automated one, the first thing to do is create and define the campaign. This part is very important to get right—you’ll want to be as specific and detailed as possible. If you’re going self-serve, you won’t want to spend much time answering a lot of questions; your plate will be full of negotiations and activations. And if you’re going automated—well, successful automation requires you to cover every detail up front, so everything runs smoothly.

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