How Database Management Services offer Competitive Advantage


In an era of evolution of cloud computing and the proliferation of omnichannel marketing, database management services offer a competitive advantage by offering you with extensive expertise, and by addressing the growing demand for efficiency, and risk mitigation for your businesses.

For customer-facing businesses, proper monitoring and commercialization of data help in customer acquisition, and retention, which inspire customer loyalty.

Renowned data scientist Clive Humby OBE of Starcount, who is a pioneer in customer-centric insights, analytics, and profiling products, precisely coined the phrase, “Data is the new oil.”

Managed databases (a.k.a Database as a service or DBaaS) offers manifold advantages including improved data access by leveraging a host of query languages, improved data security, data redundancy and consistency, cost-effectiveness and proactive monitoring of data, 24-hour service, data sharing, integrity restrictions, and privacy security, providing users with multi-platform, and version experience.

Thus, database management services offer a competitive advantage by streamlining database management, and operational priorities for your businesses.

So, if you want to have an upper hand over your competitors, consider migrating to a managed database service.

As database management services offer a competitive advantage, you no longer need to waste your precious time harrowing about redundancy, back-ups, or the proper implementation of configurations.

Database management software systems allow you to concentrate on making your applications perfect. Instead of agonizing over the continuous scaling-up of your databases, you can channelize your focus on continual development and prototyping.

Amidst the highly competitive marketplace, database management services offer a competitive advantage and are absolutely essential for your business to thrive, grow, and skyrocket the core revenue and pipeline goals.

Let’s delve into some important ways database management services offer a competitive advantage to your business:

1. Smooth and Effortless Administration

Database management services offer a competitive advantage as the service provider takes care of managing the backend tasks such as data redundancy, data replication, failover, and backups.

Thus, your business continuity is guaranteed and you don’t need an in-house team of engineers or high-value resources to execute database administrative operations.

With smooth and effortless administration and with the help of data-driven applications, you can quickly get your websites up and running.

This, database management services offer a competitive advantage by allowing you more time, for creative engineering solutions, and for focusing on pioneering the core, vital business strategies that cannot be automated.

2. Facile Scalability

Database management services offer a competitive advantage as they provide facile scalability which is as simple as flipping a switch.

Database scalability allows you to have enough speed while containing increasing volumes of data without sacrificing the performance of the database. You can also automatically alter your cluster tier and storage capacity in accordance with your cluster usage – by auto-scaling.

Database management services offer a competitive advantage by allowing you to take cluster scale, performance scale, and data scale into account and thus ensuring that scaling is never a concern. Moreover, you can adjust your ability to scale, as and when needed – you can be ramping up when the business surges or can be ramping down to improve your efficiency.

3. Improved Uptime & Higher Availability

Database management services offer a competitive advantage by allowing you to improve your uptime and availability. This becomes important if you are a customer-facing business. Downtime can allow your customers to flee to your competitors.

With database management service comes high availability, a support team monitors your data 24/7 and assists you continuously. Besides, there are failsafe processes to help you through the times of unprecedented catastrophes.

Database management services offer a competitive advantage as you are provided with the geographical distribution of your data. This guarantees that your company website will be up and running even if your server locations go offline.

4. Optimum Performance

Database management services offer a competitive advantage by equipping you to deliver superior performance as a rule. Your provider leverages the latest technology that is constantly upgraded to keep up with the expectations of your customers.

Most of the enterprise-level managed databases offer toolkits that facilitate you to deep-dive into and audit your operations. This often also helps you in identifying issues with your current database. The service also provides you with recommendations to fix the problems and optimize your performances.

With the help of performance evaluation, you can discover and correct the potential inefficiencies in your databases before they impact your business bottom-lines. Database management services offer a competitive advantage as you’re having an automated, external tech audit of your database continually in real-time, rather every second.

5. Steadfast Security and Compliance

Database management services offer a competitive advantage by ensuring strict authentication and authorization to restrict the users’ actions by their roles.

With the help of end-to-end encryption, data is encrypted on disk, in-flight as it traverses the network, and while it is put to use in the memory logs. Database management services allow granular database auditing and reporting and allow you to avoid potential threats.

Database management services offer a competitive advantage by allowing you to maintain compliance and thus, help your security teams too. Managed databases handle compliance at the data layer in ways that are transparent to your customers.

With database management services you can easily abide by the international data protection regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and CCPA (California Customer Privacy Act). Everything becomes an uncomplicated plug and play task.

6. Stringent Database Monitoring and Scrutiny

Database management services offer a competitive advantage as they provide you with newfound visibility and allow you to make better decisions about your data and optimization.

Apart from monitoring the data with the help of best in-built functionalities, database management software systems also allow you to integrate with other monitoring and alerting solutions for visibility including Slack, Outlook, SMS, etc.

Most of the key database providers have pre-built dashboards with key metrics to provide you with granular and customizable monitoring. This helps you in monitoring and figuring out potential risks before they start to impact your business. Thus, by stringent database monitoring and scrutiny database management services strengthen your database resiliency, predict and protect you from potential risks, and keep you safe from the potential loss of money and time.

7. Cost-effectiveness

With the help of database management software systems, you can optimize your intangible expenses. Running an in-house database service overlooks both tangible and intangible costs.

Database management services offer a competitive advantage by allowing you to have better systems in place to monitor, and test your data. With managed databases, you can fuel your efficiency, predict and guard yourself against the potential catastrophes before they happen, and can pave your trajectories to streamlined operations and optimized revenue goals.

With the help of database management services, you can set aside the time consuming, expensive, and exhaustive procedure of in-house database management and can optimize your intangible costs. You can channelize the energy of your workforce towards solving more creative business problems rather than investing too much time maintaining an in-house database.

Wrapping Things Up

Things have changed a lot in terms of the database management mindset since the past decade. Today, database management services are viewed & substantiated to offer a competitive advantage, unlike sometime in the past when database management seemed the last thing a business would consider to move off-premise. Database management services offer a competitive advantage by allowing growth, efficiency, speed, security, and cost-effectiveness of your databases. Furthermore, availing database management services also allow you to gift your human resource, especially the engineering team, with more time to optimize their creative endeavors.

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