Dell upgrades APEX, bolsters data protection

Data breaches and leaks have always been a calamity to companies. In today’s digital age, where data is the main asset, it has to be protected at all costs. Dell seeks to be the optimal solution to this problem.  

In a recent survey done by the Dell GDPI (Global Data Protection Index), it was found that companies use multiple data protection sources or vendors and more than 80% of them would look forward to reduce the number of vendors they use.  

Dell intends to be the sole vendor or source when it comes to data protection. It revealed the new PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance and the upgrades to Dell’s APEX services. 

The PowerProtect Data Manager is devised to provide AI-integrated services to IT sectors and enterprises. It includes seamless restorations and backups, and supports VMware hybrid and Kubernetes. This product also intends to assist in adopting zero-trust architecture. Additionally, Dell also ingrained security features in its hardware and security points to ensure the facilitation of data security. It has 12 to 96 TB storage and is VMware embedded.   

Dell also disclosed that it would bolster its APEX- cloud services. Early this year, the organization proposed backup and recovery support for its pay-per-use model. Moreover, it also included Google Cloud as its pick for its data protection approach.  

Companies can either utilize their existing Google Cloud subscription to buy the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery from the Google Cloud Marketplace, or they can purchase it instantaneously from Dell. 

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