How the Digital Marketing Paid Traffic Game Has Evolved Over the Years

Digital Marketing: How the Paid Traffic Game Has Evolved Over the Years

Digital marketing has existed now for many years. One of its primary purposes is the promotion of websites. As a business, if you don’t promote your website the right way, you’re likely not going to get the number of visitors and conversions you want.

You can contact an excellent digital marketing agency in Utah if you’re based in that state and have a website you’d like to promote. Digital marketing paid traffic might be one of the strategies you will discuss with them.

You may know that paid traffic is one way to generate more interest in your company’s website. However, this strategy is not the same as it was a few years ago. Those changes are worth discussing, so let’s do so right now.

The Origins of digital marketing paid traffic

The Digital Marketing Paid traffic began with a relatively simple notion. In the internet’s early days, when the first eCommerce businesses appeared, company owners and operators found that Google and similar search engines ranked the sites higher that were getting more visitors. This led to them paying the first digital marketing agencies to direct traffic to their sites in various ways.

Rudimentary ways of directing paid traffic to sites began to emerge. They were fairly limited, though. That was because pay-per-click advertising, better known as PPC, had yet to make its first appearance.

The Changes that Have Come in Recent Years

Paid website traffic has now evolved to the point where a digital marketing agency can set up several ways of getting it for you. PPC works well. Ads pop up on websites someone visits that are tangentially related to yours. If they click on that ad, they are directed to your site. Some of them are likely to convert if they do so.

You can also use ads on social media platforms such as X, formerly known as Twitter. You can utilize YouTube, TikTok, etc.

You can buy banner ads or display ads. You can also hire influencers to talk about your products or brand. If you can find an influencer with enough notoriety who is also well-regarded by individuals wanting to buy products or services in your niche, it’s often worth it.

How Well Do These Techniques Work in 2023?

The difference between the earliest days of paid traffic and how you can get it in the modern era is how many choices you have. It’s much like using radio spots, billboards, and TV commercials to promote your products and brand thirty years ago. Those were the best methods at that time. Hiring a digital marketing agency is usually the best way to go right now.

It is generally considered best to hire a digital marketing agency with an established record of success in your niche. If the one you hire can point to similar campaigns that led to more sales and exposure for similar companies or brands, they’re probably worth the money. Neglecting digital marketing paid traffic can hurt your business, so it’s not something you should ignore if you’re looking for more sales.

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