What’s New in Musk’s Era of Twitter?


Elon Musk bought back the domain name X.com from PayPal back in 2017. Musk named his kid X Æ A-12. X is there in SpaceX and even in his AI company X.AI.

If that were not enough Xs, Elon Musk has decided to rename Twitter as X.

Yes, you heard it right. Twitter is now going to be X, “the everything app.”

This change declares that it will be an end of an era for Twitter, and all that it was before Musk took over. However, the transformation in the Musk era extends beyond just the name change.

Recently, Twitter announced several updates, including limiting the number of direct messages for non-paying users. Moreover, a new LinkedIn-like hiring feature emerged for Verified Organizations. Musk revealed plans to introduce an article feature allowing users to post lengthy and complex articles on the platform.

Twitter will now become X.com, and as part of this transformation, the website is already being redirected to the new domain.

Leading up to this momentous change, Elon Musk engaged in a series of tweets, sparking intrigue and excitement among Twitter users. He passionately expressed his vision for the one-letter name “X”. Musk’s tweets created a sense of anticipation as he hinted at the upcoming rebrand and urged users to submit a fitting X logo. This led to an enthusiastic response from the Twitter community, eagerly awaiting the global launch.

The rebranding journey was filled with intriguing moments, including Musk joining a Twitter Spaces session titled “No one talk until we summon Elon Musk.” After remaining silent for almost an hour, he finally unmuted himself and confirmed that the Twitter logo would be replaced with an X logo the next day, even playfully mentioning using blowtorches to remove the Twitter logo from the building.

Not stopping at just tweets, Elon Musk reportedly sent an email to Twitter employees, notifying them of the company’s transition to X. He further emphasized that it would be his last email from a Twitter address. Although Twitter’s business had already been renamed X Corp, this email reinforced Musk’s commitment to the rebrand.

This momentous shift represents a bold step toward the platform’s future under the X.com brand. With Musk’s innovative vision at the forefront, the transformation holds great promise and excitement for Twitter users and observers alike. The new era of X.com is set to bring forth novel possibilities and experiences, leaving us eager to witness the evolution of this iconic social media platform.

The iconic Twitter bird logo will soon be replaced by the letter X written in white ink with some modifications on a black background.

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