Eclipse Technology Solutions with RingCentral to Provide Cloud-Based Communications

Eclipse Technology Solutions Joins Hand with RingCentral

Eclipse will adapt unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions from RingCentral for enterprise customers.


  • The unified communication as a service solution (UCaaS) will be implemented as a lead cloud communications solutions by Eclipse.
  • Lead communications will enable enterprise customers in Canada to work from anywhere.
  • RingCentral UCaaS solution will empower people to connect, collaborate, and communicate on any device from anywhere.

Eclipse Technology Solutions has announced its partnership with RingCentral over the leading unified communication as a service (UCaaS) solution. UCaaS will be the lead cloud communication offer to enterprise customers in Canada.  RingCentral’s leading cloud communication solutions will empower people to collaborate, connect, and communicate on any device and work from any location of choice.

CEO of Eclipse, Robert Stroud, was optimistic about the deal and said “Our focus is on delivering great technology solutions to drive real business value for our customers.”  Further, he added that this technology solution will effectively help people to work from anywhere, which is a growing trend. Implementation of UCaaS will accelerate the digital transformation from on-premise setting to cloud-based technology.

Besides this partnership, enterprise customers will also be able to access the leading Message Video Phone™ (MVP™) communications platform of RingCentral Office®. This will allow the customers to leverage global capabilities, contact centers, and professional services. Also, Eclipse’s customers who are using Microsoft Team will get access to more robust cloud PBX capabilities regardless of the interface (web, desktop, and mobile). This is likely to enhance user productivity across the platform.

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