Top 10 Essential Triggered Email Marketing Campaigns for 2020

Top 10 Essential Triggered Email Marketing Campaigns for 2020
Email marketing is amongst the oldest and most profitable affairs of B2B digital marketing mix. According to a report by DMA, in 2019 for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $42. Among the different aspects of email marketing, triggered email marketing campaigns are the important factors in influencing the success of any email marketing campaign. Triggered email marketing campaigns are highly successful as they help in delivering highly personalized messages to the target persona at the right time, thereby optimizing customers’ experiences, saving time, and improving the probability of sales. The extended benefits of triggered email marketing campaigns include:
  1. Lead Nurturing
  2. Delighting your customers to inspire brand advocacy and positive word-of-mouth-marketing (WOMM)
  3. Improvement in Customer Retention
  4. Reduced time on sending operational and Repetitive Emails, &
  5. Building Brand Equity
According to Smart Insights, triggered email marketing campaigns have a higher Click-through-rate (CTR) and open rate than normal email marketing campaigns which are central to their success.
According to another insight by Webfx, triggered email marketing campaigns have as much as 70.5% higher open rate than normal email marketing campaigns.
Thus, triggered email marketing campaigns help convert more leads into customers by delighting the customers, ensuring better customer experience, and customer success.

What are Trigger Emails

Triggered emails are the automated emails triggered on the basis of a particular set of actions taken by the website visitor or a change in the behavior or profile of an existing customer or prospect online. The triggers are based on demographics or particular dates, customers’ preferences, particular behavioral stimulus or reluctance demonstrated by the customers, and several internal or external factors. The entire process of sending triggered emails is referred to as executing triggered email marketing campaigns. Marketing emails such as welcome email series, promotional and sales email campaigns and email newsletters are sent with an intent to promote products or services and encourage sales. On the other hand, the examples of triggered emails include order confirmation, password resets, &, email receipts which are more intended towards giving timely information to the prospects and customers, rather than making sales.

Types of Triggered Email Marketing Campaigns

There is no doubt that triggered email marketing campaigns can do wonders for your business. To get your triggered email marketing campaigns up and running, below is the list of 10 amazing triggered email marketing campaigns:

1. Welcome Emails

These emails as a part of the triggered email marketing campaigns are sent to the users to welcome them or greet them. These emails are really important in that they determine the first impression that the subscribers have of your brand. Welcome emails are important revenue fetchers and according to, generate 320% more revenue per email than other types of emails. Welcome emails help the users understand what to expect from the brands. While designing welcome emails brands should be as clear and unambiguous as possible. The brand needs to put some extra efforts and care into their first-ever messages to their new clients. The success or failure of the welcome emails determines what sort of relationship will exist between the brands and their potential customers.

2. Incorporation Emails

These emails are sent once the users have subscribed to the brand’s newsletters but haven’t set up an account or started using the webpage or the eCommerce platforms of the brands.

3. Early Activation Emails

These triggered email marketing campaigns are executed for people who have created an account on your website but are yet to begin the buying process. These emails can offer prospects with special incentives so that they move further.

4. Reactivation Emails

These triggered email marketing campaigns are the right types to win back the customers who were still early in their buying cycles and stopped clicking suddenly despite everything going on perfectly well. The right execution of these triggered email marketing campaigns will help you bring the lost customers back.

5. Remarketing Emails

These triggered email marketing campaigns are especially usually to inspire potential customers who abandon their carts and leave their buying processes incomplete halfway. These triggered email marketing campaigns allow marketers to start off slow and later emerge as the standalone email campaigns generating very high conversion rates by bringing back the prospects who drifted Midway without completing the buying process. The success of these triggered email marketing campaigns lies in whether the marketers make the right offers to the prospects and offer incentives that are highly personalized to suit the prospects’ needs. Read more on How is Omnichannel Remarketing Effective in Accelerating Conversions.

6. Transactional Emails

Next up on the list of the triggered email marketing campaigns are the typical purchase, order, shopping and return confirmation emails, or the transactional emails. These emails aren’t directly associated with any conversions, however, in the long run, they help in maintaining effective communication with the customers and in building healthy relationships with them.

 7. Account Notification Emails

These triggered email marketing campaigns are executed to inform the end-users about any changes in the password or username or about any other information belonging to their accounts. These triggered email marketing campaigns are critical to ensuring clear, timely, and uninterrupted conversations with the customers and to show them that they are cared for and valued by their favorite brands.

8. Emails sent on Personal Landmarks

These triggered email are especially important for their existing customers and prospects that you remember them and care for them. Sending emails to congratulate prospects and existing customers on their personal landmark days such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates, strikes the emotional chords of the customers and they might want to return the favor in several forms such as by making prospective purchases, by advocating word-of-mouth-marketing and by becoming brand advocates. While sending emails on personal landmarks brands should also think about incentivizing the customers in specific ways or offering them special discounts to make their customers’ special days even more special.

9. User-Achievement Emails

These triggered campaigns are executed to celebrate the specific mutual achievements of the users and the brands. Brands might have very old and consistent customers or elite customers spending high amounts of currency to purchase their favorite products or services. Once in awhile brands should think of ways to celebrate these special customers, who share an exquisite bond with the brands, unique in several aspects. Sending the right user-achievement emails will help the marketers in further strengthening the bonds they share with their special customers. As customers’ experiences are optimized, a boost to the sales conversions follows.

10. Real-time Triggered Emails

These triggered email marketing are executed in accordance with users’ environment such as factors like users’ locations and the weather conditions over there. In the current situation, brands should think about sending the real-time triggered emails in accordance with the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Read more on Top 10 Tips for Content Marketing During Coronavirus. The real-time triggered email campaigns, when done right are capable of generating instantaneous conversions. Wrapping Things Up Mastering the art of executing triggered  campaigns is more or less all about personalizing the users’ experiences. For example, for users who abandoned their carts personalized messages should be considerate with the items they had in their carts before and should try to win them back by advertising similar products or offering discounts on the products that were initially in the cart. Such emails, when done right is capable of elevating the sales conversions to entirely new levels. Personalization also matters for welcome emails, transactional emails, and remarketing emails to amplify the conversions associated with these triggered marketing endeavors. In order to improve the ROI of the triggered , the brand should conduct a multivariate analysis of their campaigns from time to time and use the data-driven insights to optimize their campaigns. When it comes to triggered , engagement metrics such as open rate and click rate also matter along with the measurement of the universally important conversion metrics, which are of prime importance to determine the success of any campaign. Valasys Media is a well-renowned name in providing expert solutions to the B2B companies, leveraging its hyper-tailored services including lead generation, lead nurturing, account-based marketing, list building services, contact building services, content syndication services, event promotion, appointment setting, business intelligence, and CRM services, to help marketers strategize their marketing campaigns and align them to achieve their core business bottom-lines.

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