Energy Crisis in the UK

With the ongoing war against Ukraine, Russia threatens to halt the energy supply to Europe, forcing European countries to think of rationing their energy supplies and be prepared for possible power cuts.

On October 6th (Thursday), The National Grid cautioned British citizens that they may face power cuts this winter, which might last up to 3 hours. According to the company, as the UK is not immensely dependent on Russian gas supplies, it could face some shortcomings.

The company further added that assuming the energy prices do heighten, there might be a serious likelihood of supply hindrances. Moreover, the company affirmed that as a base case; it does not expect to face any issues, but if power cuts do happen when it is in high demand, the consumers will be briefed at least a day before.

According to Grid’s reports, there could be three possible circumstances for the month ahead- One, there will be enough energy supply for the winter to given the crises in Europe, it might get challenging for the UK to import electricity supplies: and three, the National Grid may lead to shortfalls.

Prime Minister Liz Truss, when asked in during a recent campaign, claims that the UK is working on more gas supplies, wind and nuclear energy to be secure and that the UK is in a better position as compared to other countries and holds a good amount of energy supply.

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