Engagio Tops the List of Account-Based Marketing Vendors

Engagio has grabbed the number one position among the top 20 Account-Based Marketing vendors deduced from 1,500 manager surveys, analyst opinions & vendor evaluations. The research was conducted by Research In Action GmbH & evaluated the Account-Based Marketing vendor metrics for the participants, before assigning them the ranks. Engagio is a leader in the field of B2B marketing engagement & secured the firstposition for the Account-Based Marketing Vendor Metrix, besides winning therace of vendor Selection Matrix for SaaS & Software. In a press release by Research In Action GmbH, Engagio ranked first on the matrix & outlasted the other Top 19 global vendors. The researchcompiled more than 45,000 data points collected in Q4 2018 & Q1 2019 from 1,500 businesses & IT managers & was conducted via telephone & online surveys. PeterO’ Neill, Research Director at Research In Action GmbH describes Vendor Selection Matrix as an important tool that provides useful information for theB2B marketers. He stated that the survey by Research In Action GmbH witnessedEngagio’s solution having the highest breadth & depth score amongst the list of the Top 20 vendors due to which the company scored number 1 position among Account-Based Marketing Vendors.He further added that the participants were examined based on several factors.  Before theresults of the survey, Research In Action GmbH evaluated all the top 20 vendorsof Account-Based Marketing SaaS & Software solutions that were suggested bythe respondents participating in the survey. A minimum of 60%of the evaluation results was based on insights from the surveyors who were thebuyers of the Small and Mid-Sized Businesses as well as the enterprises. The remainder of40% of the evaluation results was based on analysts‘opinions. The results of the evaluation for the Account-Based Marketing vendorswere based on feedback from customers as well as vendors as well on publiclyassessable pieces of information, analysts’ point of view & triangulation.Based on the assessment results forthe Account-Based Marketing Vendors, theresearching authority Research In Action GmbH also published some predictiveinsights. Engagio scoredbest marks for having a wide array of B2B marketing engagement solutions, grabbing the largest chunk of market share amongst the Account-Based MarketingVendors & showing best growthprojections along with providing exemplarycustomer satisfaction & an admissible value for money to its customers. Thecompany also scored well for its overall strategy including vision, innovation,viability, execution competencies, and differentiation & providing an ecosystem for collaboration. The results of the survey on the 8th of October 2019 & just a week prior Engagio had announced new solutions to integrate the endeavors of the marketing & sales departments to win new businesses & drive better customer engagement & growth in the number of prospects. The new product called Engagio Orchestrate allows revenue teams to design, automate & execute effective omnichannel advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail & CRM strategies to help clients achieve their core bottom-line goals such as an optimized Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Also, Engagio Orchestrate is first & the only Account-Based Marketing Vendor solution that allows enterprises to target people, accounts & buyer groups at every stage of their account journey. According to Jon Miller, CEO & co-founder of Engagio, amidst the rise of ABM & increasing importance of sales & marketing integration, Engagio has emerged as an industry leader by providing the B2B companies with the next-generation of marketing engagement software. He was enthralled on Engagio having won the race of the Account-Based Marketing vendors & thanked Research in Action GmbH for conducting the detailed survey & analysis. Along with the market trends, the research report also highlighted the top investment areas in ABM for B2B companies & provided predictive insights on the same topic, comprising the following parameters:
  • Increasing the number of high-quality leads fetched by marketing systems
  • Enabling the salespeople to better understand their target buyers
  • Migration to SaaS platform &
  • About the receptivity & response time of the integrated systems

About Engagio

Engagio is a computer software company headquartered in San Mateo, California founded in the year 2015 that specializes in Account-Based marketing, account-based sales development & demand generation. Engagio operates by the vision of making its customers successful by providing them with solutions to understand, act & measure their account-based initiatives. The Account-Based Marketing Automation platform by Engagio enables B2B marketers to successfully quantify & execute account-centric programs in one comprehensive solution. The engaging accounts can be tracked by the revenue teams to optimize the impact of the programs by focusing on the timely delivery of solutions & the optimal use of resources.

About Research In Action GmbH

Research In Action GmbH is among the prominent consulting companies for independent information processing & deploying communications technology. The company provides both fast-paced as well as practical advice to their enterprise & vendor clients. Director Peter O’ Neill has a rich experience of providing 12 years of service at Forrester Research, where he worked as an industry analyst. Of late he has been directing all of Forrester’s research focused on B2B Marketing organization, process, and automation topics.

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