Fisker Inc., a US-based EV (Electronic Vehicle) manufacturer, may have had its ups and downs. After having a peak of $31. 96 in March 2021, its shares dropped as low as %7.95 in June 2022.

Fisker has announced the release of its Ocean models and will go into commercial production in November 2022. It presents the affordable Ocean Sport at $34,999 and the luxury Ocean One at $68,999 and is designed to be one of the most sustainable SUVs as the whole vehicle is built using upcycled and recycled materials  has also introduced the SolarSky, which generates up to 2000 emission-free miles a year using solar energy. It has already sold out all 5000 pre-orders of the Fisker Ocean One, which amounts to approximately $350 million, and will start its official production on November 17th, 2022.

Henrik Fisker, the famed designer known for his work on models such as the James Bond BMW Z8 roadster, the Aston Martin V8 and Tesla Model S, was formerly a designer at Tesla and is now given the name of the ‘Tesla Killer’ as the company aims to overtake Tesla in the EV game.

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