Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook In 2020

Generate b2b leads using facebook in 2020


B2B advertising world is dynamic & multi-channel. With the New Year around the corner “How to Generate B2B leads using Facebook in 2020” is a question that will be on the top of the head of every B2B marketer.

Let’s delve into some statistics in the above regard:

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Facebook is the fourth most-used social network by B2B; however, only 38% of B2B marketers say Facebook is effective for B2B marketing.

Another study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shows that 76% of the B2B marketers use Facebook to distribute content.

The following conclusions can be drawn from the above facts:

  • How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2020, isn’t a mystery – Facebook B2B ads can fetch considerably good leads & can successfully drive the audiences through awareness, consideration & conversion stages in their buyers’ journeys, to optimize the sales revenue.

The most astonishing part is that most marketers fail to capitalize on opportunities for Facebook B2B lead generation because they simply fail to employ the right B2B advertising strategies on the platform.

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  • Facebook is a recreational platform & it prioritizes users’ experiences above the common keyword or the other targeting strategies employed for advertising. Some of the common advertising strategies on other social platforms wouldn’t give you the desired results unless you serve your audiences what they want.

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Facebook ads for B2B services & helping organizations realize their bottom lines are so underrated.

The following strategies would tactfully guide you on How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2020:

1. Get The native Video Marketing on the Platform Right:

According to Post Planner Facebook video is the best marketing tool to promote your business.  With an average of 8 billion videos are viewed daily on the platform, Facebook gives audiences immediate access to a large audience.

Hence, Facebook allows businesses to reach entirely new audiences.

According to Quintly, Facebook Native Video advertising, i.e. the Videos uploaded directly on Facebook work 4 times better than any other video format on using platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo & others.

While creating videos for Facebook page & the following Facebook video ads – videos can be simplified in terms of being understood with the visuals only. Large bold text & graphics can be used to make sure that visuals explain themselves.  Adding subtitles wherever required & working in animations to engage the audiences without audio helps. The content should be engaging enough to draw the viewers during the first three seconds; otherwise, viewers would be lost.

The following tips can be of additional significance to optimize the video advertising strategies on Facebook:

  • The shorter form of videos that have been seen to deliver remarkable results on Facebook’s current format is 60 seconds- anything beyond that might appear too long & lengthy to the audiences. Again, the content plays a major role
  • Engage your audiences by keeping the videos contextual, purposeful & interesting. An ideal content should have smooth transitions, with slower sections & pauses, wherever needed. However, on Facebook, your video should be jam-packed from the very first second to last.
  • Provide a Compelling Offer to drive viewers on your site & motivate them to purchase your product or take another action
  • Have a catchy title to compel users to be engaged throughout the video
  • Feature a video on your page; featured videos help increase the popularity of the posts. They are more likely to be clicked & played amongst the target audience
  • Go live, talk about your products or services, brand values, simple joys, just about anything. Provide some content in the video to keep your audiences intrigued. This can be the ultimate answer to the question How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2020
  • Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) to make sure that you give your audiences some action, following the food for thought served via the videos.

2. Make the most of Mobile:

The pre-populated forms to allow users to submit their content on Facebook, with ease. On the small screen, this can be a very good strategy to gather an increased number of high-quality leads.

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3. Use Brand Awareness Campaigns:

Marketers first need to understand their campaign goals. There are four types of campaign goals that marketers can primarily use while unveiling: How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2020 including Brand Awareness, Traffic, Lead generation & Conversions.

Brand awareness campaigns are employed where marketers are going to reach a wider audience & introduce them to their brand. Getting your messages & targeting spot on are the prime ingredients of the brand awareness campaigns. Facebook has the best targeting options, making it one of the best lead generation platforms. Additionally, marketing on Facebook is much cheaper.

According to Marketing Charts’ summary of the HubSpot report, the average cost-per-B2B-lead for agencies from multiple channels was approximately $172.72.

When running Facebook campaigns, marketing ads much cheaper can deliver higher returns.

4. Employ Lead Generation Campaigns:

This is one of the dedicated campaign types by Facebook to generate more leads. These promote soft conversions to get prospects on the lead nurturing strategy including the newsletter signups, event registrations, contests, quotes, etc.

A form pops up in the Facebook app as soon As users click on the CTA button – data is already in-filled & no typing is required. It just needs to be sent.

5. Use Remarketing to Engage Leads:

A website like Amazon adds a bit of code to your browser, enabling your brands’ ads on other platforms based on the behavior of the viewers.

Using remarketing brands can make targeted ads appear on other websites to entice potential customers to come back. Lead magnets such as guides, webinars, and instructional content or simply call-to-action buttons can help the marketers optimize their lead generation using remarketing.

Retargeting is one of the considerate strategies for marketers trying to understand how to generate B2B leads using Facebook in 2020 & can be boosted by employing the following pages:

  • Pricing Page
  • Check out page
  • Product &
    feature specific blogs
  •  Webinar sign up page
  • In-app cancellation page

6. Install Facebook Pixel & Drive traffic from Campaigns on your  Website:

Traffic campaigns can be designed to drive more direct traffic on the landing page or the home page of your website.

For marketers trying to unravel how to generate B2B leads using Facebook in 2020, installing Facebook Pixel empowers marketing endeavors – empowering users to comprehend all kinds of on-site behavioral data to help them optimize their campaigns for better revenues.

7. Unleash Audience Mirroring by Tracking Your Lookalike Audiences:

Marketers looking to resolve “How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2019” can employ strategies to dig out the audiences resembling their ideal persona-base – by tracking online behaviors similar to the ideal personas. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Using Custom Audiences to upload the list of existing customers, followed by the use of the Lookalike Audiences functionality
  • Install Facebook Pixel to create Lookalike Audiences based on people who have visited specific pages on your site
  • Leveraging Lookalike Audiences to create an audience based on people who like your page
  • Combining your segmented CRM lists with Lookalike Audiences

Wrap Up

Facebook has immense untapped potential to be unlocked by the B2B marketers baffled with the critical question “How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2020”.

Facebook is amongst the tech giants giving Google a run for the online advertising crown. roups are great places for marketers to build industry relationships & to generate leads & build industry relationships.

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