Generate More MQLs from B2B SEO Program

Generate more MQLs from b2b seo


Much like the B2B SEO program is successful to bring high-quality traffic on the website; it is also possible to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program. In fact, the two processes are vastly inter-dependent. If the B2B SEO program is targeted as per the areas of interests of the prospects and some prior studies have been done to capture the prospects’ interests, the b2b channel strategy can always be orchestrated to bring a significant proportion of high-quality traffic.

Having relevant & highly engaged customers on the website is an indication that you surely have a good proportion of people who are intrigued by your products or services. A bit of lead nurturing sparks the curiosity of the prospects further. Thus, some of the prospects in the longer-run are consistently engaged with the products or services at the disposal.

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Thus, deploying the most effective B2B marketing channels & keeping them optimized with the best SEO practices sets the stage up to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO strategy. After all, a marketing-qualified lead only happens to be a website visitor whose engagement levels are consistently high & they express a certain level of interest in the products and services at disposal, to be qualified as likely customers.

Though, the steps to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO strategy are not as simple as they appear.

According to the Organic Search & Social Media Survey conducted by Ascend2 in 2019, increasing the total number of leads generated or converted remains the second most critical challenge to the success of an organic search & social media strategy while the number one challenge is increasing the traffic to the website or the blog.

SEO compliant content strategy optimizes SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, content is the reason; the search begins in the first place. So, in order to grab the attention of the web, the marketers have to make sure that their content strategy is visible across multiple channels.

To generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program, the marketers need to make the most of the multichannel marketing, omnichannel reputation management & multi-channel attribution modeling.

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The following are a series of tactics that help to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program:

1. Turning Blog Subscribers into MQLs:

An SEO compliant blog is bound to attract a relevant group of personas & entice them to subscribe to the blog. Blog subscribers can aid to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

A single form field on your blog can help in deriving the email addresses into your database. Once, the contacts have been receiving your blog articles, based on the MQL criteria the subscribers who click on the thank you page may be considered as MQLs.

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2. Creation of Pillar Content:

To generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program, the marketers can leverage their premium offers in a long & SEO abiding form. The ungated content can offer users the ability to download a PDF version in exchange for their email address.

Besides, assisting in B2B lead generation the pillar content creation also helps search engines to crawl all the ungated content.

Thus, creating pillar content not only pays off as a strategy to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program but also additions some high-quality traffic on the website boosting the organic rankings & SEO.

3. Review & Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts:

Old blog posts are like untapped resources. While many of them might be performing pretty well, you can also think about upgrading the content with new statistics & can try optimizing for new keywords and keyword density.

Making minor tweaks in the old blog posts to increase the SEO relevance is a strategy that can be used to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

As the relevancy & the web-discoverability of the content improve, it is more likely to aid B2B lead generation.

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4. Leverage Optimized Service Pages & Landing Pages:

The marketers need to understand that along with their blog content they also need to make sure that their services pages, capabilities page & landing pages are all SEO compliant.

At the end of the day, your customers land at your service pages & hence, your service pages need to be discoverable.

Optimizing these pages for SEO ensures that conversions being generated from these pages are also optimized. Thus, optimizing the services, capabilities & landing pages assists to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

Testing conversions for the number of qualified leads generated can help marketers optimize their lead generation forms leading to more submissions for sales or simultaneously fetch a greater number of inquiries over time.

Solutions such as supporting call-to-action (CTA) on landing pages used for paid & organic lead nurturing campaigns can help to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

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5. Cross-Promoting Blog Posts:

Along with generating the visibility for SEO keyword targets, blog posts can also be used to organically acquire inbound links, and cross-link to related web pages directly in the copy.

Alongside blog posts are also effective to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

The blog posts with a high-visibility can also integrate call-to-actions to lead nurturing. This feature is enabled by banner advertisements or supporting cross-links or navigational elements.

6. Optimize the ‘About-Us’ pages and the ‘Executive Bios’:

The submissions generated from brand-related searches are amongst the highest converting leads. Form this reason these pages too, need optimization for the marketers to able to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

The on-page optimization involving the brand-related web pages is critical with the following prime areas of focus:

  • There should be SEO tagging of the web pages including the optimized HTML titles & meta-descriptions
  • Cross-linking primary capabilities and solutions pages on the company pages, wherever feasible
  • Emphasize the options for communication including the contact forms, chatbots & the social media assets

7. Including Call-to-Actions in Video Assets:

According to a prediction by the Search Engine Journal (SEJ), video B2B marketing is all set to take the B2B marketing world by storm in 2020. Videos are the social media marketing ingredients that can’t be overlooked.

They leverage visual story-telling & constitute the most intriguing Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons.

While HubSpot had projected video traffic to constitute 80% of all the internet traffic in 2019; Forbes describes videos as the future of content marketing suggesting that 59% of B2B executives prefer to watch a video than reading the text.  

8. Optimize the lead generation forms:

Lead generation forms are an important way for marketers to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

The marketers need to split-test & optimize their number of fields visible or required in the form submissions, the following technics can prove to be useful

  • Creating two-step forms
  • Forms should have interactive & optimized content
  • Forms should have progressive profiling
  • The marketers need to decide whether they need to use forms, no forms & optional forms based on their content marketing objectives

9. Optimize the Company Information on Social Channels:

The marketers looking to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program need to comprehend that creating appropriate company information on social media pages & profiles is an absolute indispensable.

Cross-linking the social media profiles of the brands with the most relevant information possible & even with the highly-rated content assets is a way to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

Marketers can also consider linking their pieces of content to lead nurturing campaigns or lead generation assets, wherever appropriate.

Wrapping Up

The dawn of digitization has changed the B2B world for good. An integrated SEO & content strategy executed across omnichannel is an absolute essential for the marketers to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program. Optimizing the web visibility of the brands for generating high-quality website traffic & working towards the website conversions are the absolute SEO basics. Doing the basics right sets the stage up for optimized conversions & B2B lead generation.

Additionally, implementing the above tactics helps get the most out of the traffic acquired & assists to generate more MQLs from B2B SEO program.

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