Google Is Leveraging ML to Make Chrome More Secure & Engaging

Google Is Leveraging ML to Make Chrome More Secure &amp Engaging

Google is leveraging ML (machine learning) to make Chrome more secure and engaging, aiming to improve the experience of Chrome users. The company has recently explained how it is leveraging ML to make Chrome more secure and engaging for users.

Google has leveraged machine learning models since March 2022 to detect over 2.5x more phishing attacks and malicious sites that the Chrome users might otherwise have fallen prey to. Additionally, Google has announced improvements to how users interact with the browser with new features based on ML models for gesture navigation, tab previews, and improved Omnibox suggestions.

ML is not only Improving the Security but also Scaling-Up the Over-All Experiences of Chrome Users

The users still have the liberty to turn on the notifications if the ML models go wrong. By using AI, Chrome is able to learn when users are unlikely to grant prompts based on previous interactions and will silence them to minimize interruptions.


{Image Source: Google – This is how the next version of Chrome will detect a phishing attempt (left) and how it will reflect the permission requests provided the user is unlikely to grant them (right)}

Improving the user experience was always a goal of ML systems deployed by Google. With our current model, we believe the new features will help us improve the experience of our users.

Google’s Journeys Feature to Leverage Intent & Historical Data to Personalize Users’ Search

‘Journeys’ is an extension of Chrome from earlier this year that aims to help people retrace their steps online using all that data Google collects about users. By adding some ML wizardry, Chrome will bring together all the pages you’ve visited around a specific topic.

Journeys extension allows Google to use ML to personalize Chrome’s toolbar in real-time based on the individual users. Google is turning up the personalization of search by adding a feature called Journeys to Chrome. The idea is to put behind us the days of scrolling through our entire browser history to resume where we left off.


(Image Source: Google – Chrome’s Journey feature clubs search history for most relevant search results as per users’ intent)

Chrome Browser in Near Future Will Customize Users’ Toolbar in Real-Time By Leveraging ML

According to Google ML can be leveraged to personalize the Chrome toolbar for users in real-time, highlighting the actions that might be the most specific for a specific user at a particular point in time. The goal is to meet the users where they are, in order to make their Chrome experiences seamless, whether it is by facilitating them to share a link or perform a voice search at specific points in time.


(Image Source: Google – This is how a Customized Chrome Toolbar on Android Might Appear)

As Journeys extension helps determine the most common workflows of your users. This information can then be leveraged to personalize their Chrome toolbar at specific points in time, making their experiences seamless and efficient.

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