Hootsuite’s Bold Social Vision and New Brand System Break the Mould


Hootsuite pioneered the field of social media management in 2008 and, with the introduction of its subsequent rebranding, established a new standard for what it means to “be social.”

Hootsuite pioneered the field of social media management in 2008 and, with the introduction of its subsequent rebranding, established a new standard for what it means to "be social."

Hootsuite has been a market leader for its customers during the past 14 years, guiding them through the growth of the dynamic and ever-changing world that is social media. As a result of the fact that there are now more than 4.6 billion people using social media platforms throughout the globe, social media has become one of the most frequently utilised kinds of media in the world. Hootsuite is the company that was responsible for the establishment of a category and has advised its customers throughout the category's subsequent growth. Since the company was established as a trailblazer in the beginning, it has made it a priority to always be on the cutting edge of social innovation. As a direct consequence of this, it is once again exhibiting a deep mastery of all areas of social media with the cutting-edge approach that it is implementing. The rebranding that is going to be shown off today is a signal to encourage other companies to differentiate themselves and participate in the social debate in an authentic manner. At the same time, it provides the necessary details on how to carry out the action.

Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer of Hootsuite, was recently quoted as saying, "What we know is that social rewards daring and creative courage." "We acknowledge that facing the chaotic world of social media can be scary, but that's where we come in - with the education and expertise that comes with being the first and most successful mover in the sector. We will advocate the power of social media for the greater good, elevate individuals, and ignite our customers' brands and enterprises together with our customers.

The firm has decided to assign its much-loved mascot, Owly, to the position of Chief Connection Officer in order to personify the idea of the new identity and to encourage connection with the Hootsuite brand. Owly will now play a more significant role as the accessible, engaging, and expressive adviser for companies that are utilising social media.

Tom Keiser, the Chief Executive Officer of Hootsuite, has stated that the company has "always been at the forefront of social." "Ever since we first began operating in this market, the goals and objectives of our clientele, as well as the resources they require to move their companies ahead, have served as the primary inspiration for our brand. We recognise the importance of our roles as counsellors and visionaries and take them very seriously. After nearly 14 years of defining the industry, it was time to rethink our whole branding strategy in order to better express our position and our mission as the social experts, trusted partners, and joyful mentors. This was done in order to better serve our customers. This was done in order to improve our ability to communicate with the people we are trying to reach. Hootsuite is showing the world that it is more than a firm that "gets" social media; rather, it is social media itself. This is a significant step for the company.

Hootsuite's rebrand activation was created in-house by the company, utilising the talents of its creative, social, and functional teams. This was done to ensure that the rebrand effectively connected with, and reflected, the company's workforce. It was necessary to do this in order to ensure that the rebranding was a success. To ensure that the new approach was successful, the company solicited and integrated in-depth feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders, including customers, to ensure that the new strategy included the humanity and connection that are essential components of social. This was done to ensure that the new strategy included the essential components of social.

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