How to Use Quora for B2B Lead Generation in 2021


Quora is a platform designed for the exchange of information. A lot of people visit Quora to seek answers for their problems, and vice-versa. Various research suggests that Quora is the second most popular source of information online. Wikipedia remains on the top slot. Reach of the answer-question platform as well exposure- both are diverse. Look for an answer to your query on search engines and a minimum of one result might appear from Quora.  The reach and diversityof Quora are attributed to 300 million users globally, who are engaged in more than 400,000 topics.

Presence of a large range of audiences, especially ones who are looking for a solution, makes Quora a prominent platform for B2B lead generation. This implies if you provide a relevant solution, or answer questions, you are indirectly increasing your probability of B2B lead generation. And this context takes us to the next section.

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How to Leverage Quora for B2B Lead Generation?

It goes without saying that Quora is a diverse platform, and hence this provides wide space for B2B lead generation.

You can start by answering questions, attach links to your websites in your answers, offer advice, and meanwhile, you can redirect traffic to your website and boost its SEO. This also gives you the chance of connecting with your potential leads.

If the idea ‘B2B lead generation from Quora’ still seems unreachable, here is how you can/should start-

Create an Authentic Profile- As soon as you enter the answer-question platform, you get a prompt to sign-up. Create a profile. When I say authentic profile, provide your credentials that reflect your status as a marketer.

For example, if you are answering questions about an advertisement, make sure that your Quora profile demonstratesyour qualification and proficiency in the field. Further, you can also add other elements such as your education history, work summary, and similar other qualities.

This is the basic and first step. However, this is a step of significance that will, further, add volume to the answers and link attached.

Answer Questions of Your Niche To reach your target audience, you need to provide solutions to your target audience. These tactics help you find businesses that are facing problems. The formula is as simple.

In case you are wondering how to find people who are experienced issues specific to your industry, let me tell you- it is no rocket science.  You can feed your industry-specific keyword in the search bar of Quora (the search bar is located at top of the screen). This will redirect you to series of questions- answered and unanswered.

For B2B lead generation, you need to find some keywords that are relevant to your services and the problems associated with them.

Once you find a question related to your niche, answer it and offer your answers without spamming.

The answer on Quora can be accessed by everyone and can be reviewed later.

Drive Traffic to Your Website- Besides using Quora for B2B lead generation, you can also drive traffic to your website organically. When you are answering questions on Quora, you can attach links redirecting to your website. It will help in improving SEO by creating backlinks while boosting traffic.

However, it is not that simple as Quora has a strict policy of backlinks. Any links that serve the sole purpose of driving traffic to the external website without contributing any value to the Quora community with be marked as spam. Eventually, the answer and the link will be removed.

Talking of links, make sure the links are relevant to the topic and help traffic. On Quora, you can insert reference links either as anchor text, or footnote. It is advisable to use both types of links along with links to some credible source to enhance the value of answers.

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Engage with Followers: For B2B lead generation, it is mandatory that you are consistent with your answers. Once you are answering questions related to your products and services on regular basis, you may be able to gain followers on your Quora profile. This is a positive sign.

These followers are probably your potential leads. Thus, the chances of conversion could be high. Hence, it is advisable to engage with them consistently by answering their questions, replying to comments, and upvote their posts.

Such activities will help you to stay on top of their mind with regards to your services your products. And if they are proactively looking for a solution, they may visit your site before they come to a certain decision.

In context to B2B lead generation, the top funnel usually compromises spreading brand awareness by providing apt information to the target audience.

These are some of the tips about boosting your Quora engagement and B2B lead generation. Now that you have made your mind to capitalize Quora for B2B lead generation, make sure you don’t violate their rules. This takes us to the next section-

What You Should Not Do On Quora?

Take No Short-cuts- Apparently algorithm of Quora is well-designed and technically sound. This is evident from the point that Quora is very quick to spot cheaters who implement manipulative tactics to gain wider exposure. There are various instances where people create multiple accounts to gain more exposure and proliferate the number of upvotes on answers. In such a case, the account is banned. And the ban continues forever. The only option is to start all over again.

Violate Quora Policy- We have already discussed Quora policy in the previous section. Violation of those policies will lead to an answer ban by Quora’s algorithm. In this case, you will receive a notification with the link to the banned answer. However, the good news is that you can appeal to Quora and edit your answer in compliance with Quora’s policies.

Now you know about dos and don’ts, you should know how to increase the chance of B2B lead generation on Quora. Here is how you can make the best out of Quora for B2B lead generation.

  1. Use your Quora answers on your website page or attach the link of the answers to your blogs. This way your website visitors will notice your Quora profile and follow you on the question-answer platform.
  2. You can also share your answer on social media platforms with a catchy caption. You can also post the link of Quora’s answer on the bio of your social media, this will lead to more clicks and traffic generation.


People usually visit Quora to find an answer to their queries. So when you provide solutions to their problems with credible information, the chances of becoming partners increase.

It is no secret that B2B lead generation begins with informing your prospects with adequate information to make an informed decision for their businesses. And Quora acts as a buffer platform where you can help your potential leads with the required information.

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