IBM Acquires Red Hat

On Tuesday 9th of July, 2019, in a landmark deal worth $34 billion, IBM acquired all of the allotted & outstanding common shares of Red Hat, worth the total equity value of about $34 billion. The acquisition is all set to renovate the future of hybrid clouds as enterprises have known it, for good.

The acquisition is delineated by the following characteristic features:

1. The brand resonance of IBM as a leading cloud platform has been elevated & the organization will now be viewed as more trustworthy & reliant in terms of devising business models based on Cloud to leverage tools, data & Artificial Program Interfaces (APIs), & in order to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) into businesses along with simultaneous implementation of machine learning algorithms

2. Having taken over by IBM, Red hat technology which is known for their open-source innovations, will now have a wider array of clients & will be better equipped to give clients the freedom of choice as well as the flexibility to build & safeguard their cloud-based platforms

3. IBM is unequivocal to safeguard Red Hat’s independence & impartiality, which happen to be indispensable elements of the culture at Red Hat. 

4. In the meantime, Red Hat’s resolute commitment to open source solutions remains intact

5. Together IBM & Red Hat are committed to refurbishing the  multi-hybrid cloud environment for the next generation

According to Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO of Red Hat, joining hands with IBM would give Red Hat the opportunity to bring more of open source innovation to indulge wider array of organizations & will equip them to gear up to suffice the hybrid cloud-based needs of the clients; by providing them with multiple choices & bringing up the agile technologies into play.

Todd More, IBM VP of Open Technology, IBM Developer and Developer Advocacy, was enthralled by the acquisition & exclaimed that abiding by their deep-rooted passion for open source technology, Red Hat & IBM are stepping ahead with their 20-year-old partnership. The acquisition will not only strengthen the value of open source but will also extend the role of developers in architecting & safeguarding an all-encompassing multi-hybrid cloud environment.

The teams at Red Hat have been pioneers in open source. Collaborating with technical leaders, open-source advocates developers & partners; Red Hat has made the Red Hat Enterprise Linux a well-known name for businesses across the globe.  

On the other hand, the inclination of IBM towards open-source started about 20 years ago, when they first invested in Linux. With over 68,000 IBMers, who are certified for the open-source ecosystem IBM possesses, and with expertise in developing open-projects, IBM has established itself as a leader amongst the open-cloud-based solution providers.

According to Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat, the company will join IBM as a distinct unit. He also wrote in his blog that the culture at Red Hat will continue to be unbiased & its ecosystem will remain nurturing & flexible as before, for the sustaining & flourishing open development & governance, while at the same time, advancing ahead with open & cloud-native development with the help of IBM. 

The union of IBM & Red Hat demarcates a renaissance in the landscape of hybrid open cloud, particularly because both the companies are well-known for their intrinsic standards for open source solutions & are amongst the largest contributors of code to the open-source projects across the globe. Post this collaboration, the clients benefiting from the cloud offerings from both the companies, as well as those looking forward to venturing into cloud-based solutions, can expect high-quality business solutions like never before. The complete spectrum of the cloud-based platform of IBM provides developers with instant admission to the services that they need to launch quickly. The cloud-based services are available on mobile, IoT, IBM Watson & on a range of apps that harness & interpret data.

About IBM:

IBM is a leading cloud platform & a company providing cognitive solutions. Founded back in the 1911, the company has its headquarters at Armonk, New York, NY & specializes in Cloud, Mobile, Cognitive, Security, Research, Watson, Analytics, Consulting, Commerce, Experience Design, Internet of Things, Technology support, Industry solutions, Systems services, IT infrastructure, Resiliency services, and Financing. The company flaunts itself as the largest technology & consulting employer of the world & provides its services across 170 countries in the world, with the help of 3, 80,000 employees. The company also has 12 labs across six continents being managed by IBM Research for renovating the backdrop of information technology with the help of more than 3,000 researchers.  

About Red Hat: 

Founded in the year 1993, Red Hat is a leading provider of open source solutions for enterprises across the globe. The company uses an approach towards assimilating communities to deliver exemplary Linux, Kubernetes, cloud & container technologies while designing complementary comprehensive business solutions. The company is headquartered in Raleigh, NC & specializes in cloud computing, hybrid cloud management, Linux, open-source, virtualization, storage, middleware, containers, mobile, and OpenStack.

On Tuesday 9th of July, 2019, in a landmark deal worth $34 billion, IBM acquired all of the allotted & outstanding common shares of Red Hat, worth the total equity value of about $34 billion.

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