IBM Quantum presents a Quantum-activated future

“It’s like science-fiction came to life.”- Scott Crowder, Vice President of IBM Quantum Adoption and Business Development. 

Quantum technology has now become the future of computing. IBM Quantum has always been dominant in the field of Quantum computing ecosystem. This imminent technology is successively getting nearer to completely revolutionizing the world of computing as well as business. 

Normal computers store data in 0 and 1 (binary), whereas quantum computers use qubits and subatomic particles. These can exist in more than one state at a time. As a result, it is not just faster as compared to a regular computer, but also uses quantum mechanics to achieve computing.  

This clearly suggests that it not only brings about an astounding number of possibilities but also works much more effortlessly and accurately than traditional computers. 

 In 2020, IBM declared its plan to accomplish extensive practical quantum computing. It currently administers about 20 quantum computers and its biggest is at 127 qubits. 

Early this year, the organization disclosed its plan and presented a framework for new and advanced modular architecture and networking. A factor of its main goal is to facilitate technology and assist business leads to understand quantum computing so as to effectively take advantage of it growing potential. 

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