Informa Engage & 180byTwo Collaborate to Make B2B Intent Data Accessible

On 22nd of July, 2019, Informa Engage, the global leader in marketing services announced that their self-reported & highly engaged, first-party online & offline business data can be availed through 180byTwo, the leader in the realm of B2B data solutions. 180bytwo’s Intent-based solution called “eCHO B2B Technology Intent” assimilates billions of Buying Intent Signals, Precise Location Intelligence, and advanced Artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions. This comprehensive solution allows B2B & ABM (Account-Based Marketing) marketers to precisely identify & activate separate accounts for customers & prospects when they engage with the product or services of their choice showing a buying intent. Insights from the Intent data help the B2B marketers in running hyper-targeted campaigns across multiple channels, for expediting the buyers’ journey & bolstering the sales conversions. Utilizing intent-based data helps B2B marketers optimize their Return on Investment (ROI) by focusing on advertising to enterprises and the key-decision makers showing specific interest for a particular product or service at disposal. eCHO has been specifically designed to integrate the omnichannel efforts of the marketing & sales teams to help the marketers derive higher returns through the ABM programs & happens to be the first cross-channel B2B Intent-data processing solution. Hyper-targeting prospects who show greater inclination towards prospective purchases allows the marketers to drive greater engagement as they focus on improving personalization for the highly engaging cluster of audiences through their omnichannel targeting tactics. Optimizing the Users’ Experiences (UXs) through the omnichannel marketing endeavors is an essential re-requisite for the marketers to optimize their sales revenues. The audience data of Informa Engage is comprised of 30 million qualified B2B decision makers who engross with highly reputable & awarded editorial content by Informa along with the white papers, webinars, in-person events & intelligence tools. The data from Informa Engage is regularly edited & modified to ensure quality validation across all data sources. The primary criterion for the classification of data is that it should be related to the B2B industry. The data, in turn, is also segmented on the basis of demographic, firmographic, technographic, psychographic, “fit-data”, as well on the basis of the past researching habits of the prospects, their purchase histories & their research methodologies. The segmentation of data provides multiple segments of prospects, according to which a wide array of targeted advertising campaigns can be designed to expedite the journeys of the prospects through their buying cycles. Informa Engage penetrates specialty markets, as mentioned below:
  • Healthcare: Skipta
  • Pharmaceutical: Bioprocess International
  • Tech: ITPro Today, IoT World Today
  • Manufacturing: IndustryWeek, New Equipment Digest, EHS Today
  • Infrastructure: Microwaves & RF, Contractor
  • Natural Products: Natural Products Expo East, Natural Food Merchandiser
  • Waste: Waste360
  • Meetings: The Special Event,
  • Financial Intelligence:, National Real Estate Investor, Trusts & Estates
  • Transportation: Aviation Week Network, American Trucker, WardsAuto, Fleet Owner
  • Food & Restaurant: Supermarket News, Food Management, Nation’s Restaurant News
The data from omnichannel are integrated by 180byTwo with their B2B graph & technology that assimilates above 50 billion signals from the internet on a daily basis. Above half a million keywords & 20 billion location signals are sorted on a daily basis, using rankings from more than 220 million Multistation Access Units (MAUs).  Thus, above 250 thousand US companies are able to find the precise target accounts & contact for running hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. According to John Ecke, Senior Vice President at Informa Enggae, partnership with 180byTwo will improve their data marketing solutions. The collaboration between two companies will allow the prospects to leverage Informa’s opulent audience data to drive more impactful marketing & sales activities. Ben Goldman, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer of 180byTwo, was enthralled with the partnership with Informa Engaged & stated that leveraging platinum data to manipulate & shape eCHO would help the mutual customers of the two companies as they will be able to take the advantage of the signals derived from the B2B intent data. He further also added that the mission of 180byTwo us to help their customers identify the key-accounts who are most likely to make a purchase decision, just at the right point in time & at the right location, so that the total number of sales deals being closed can be optimized & some of the most vital sales deals can be expedited with shortest sales cycles.  About Informa Engage: Informa Engage is a leader in the field of marketing information based services, headquartered in New York. They connect the marketers with the key decision makers. By coalescing unparalleled reach, deep wealth of knowledge about specialist markets; the company strategizes the hyper targeting of prospects leveraging omnichannel marketing tactics to engage buyers so as to optimize the Return on Investment (ROI) for the marketers. About 180byTwo: This company was founded in the year 2017 & is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. The Marketing & Advertising realm is the core niche of their operation & the company employs data accessed from omnichannel marketing endeavors to help the B2B brands make data-diven decisions. The coalescence of data points for insights, allows the company to create meaningful actionable insights for the businesses of their clients. Leveraging on a cutting edge technology, analytics & data assets the company has a well-cherished & collaborative approach towards deriving data solutions to help the businesses discover, segment & hyper-target their prospects. The company lays special impetus to understand the marketing objectives & vital KPIs of their clients to identify the best sources of data that can be used to discover their prospects as well as expedite their journeys through the sales funnel. The company is well-known for its passion for data & for providing an array of specific services including Data as a Service, Audience Solutions, Account-Based Marketing, Identity Resolution, Measurement, Omni Channel Marketing, and B2B Data. Company is committed to helping its clients optimize their sales revenue & takes pride in being a part of their success stories.

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