5 Excellent Examples of B2B Instagram Marketing


Instagram is a goldmine for B2B marketers!

B2B Instagram marketing, when done correctly, can make all your marketing aspirations come true primarily because of two reasons.

The first is that leveraging the power of marketing you can drive traffic at speeds that will blow your mind and the second is that unlike other social media platforms you can independently choose which type of content you want to promote, without any constraints.

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The steps to monetize and grow your Instagram account might be an easy thing to do, provided you are smart enough to figure out the best industrial practices and implement them consistently day in and out.

For being successful with your Instagram marketing model, you can follow the footsteps of brands that already are successful and can use Instagram to not only amplify your ROI by lion-size but can also generate predictable profits.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, then here’s what Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vayner Media and renowned social media influencer said about Instagram:

“Anybody right now who isn’t spending a disproportional amount of time trying to figure out the hashtag culture, the Instagram ad product, organic Instagram posting, working with Instagram influencers is making a huge mistake to not set their business up properly…We haven’t even seen the real revenue come in from Instagram yet. It’s a beast. It is the current social network.”

The ease of use of Instagram is remarkable. It has seamless features to keep the users engaged and allows brands to form and interact with a community, to tap into the world of millions of people.

Instagram proclaims to be worth more than $40 billion now and shows no signs of slowing down.

In this blog, we will delve into how some of the most successful brands have deployed their B2B Instagram marketing models to build brand awareness, audience engagement, generate leads, and increase sales; so that you can also employ the insights to achieve your core bottom-line objectives and grow your business on Instagram.

Here are 5 brands dominating the realm of B2B Instagram marketing.

1. MailChimp

What’s remarkable about MailChimp’s B2B Instagram marketing strategy is that it explores options for inspired whimsical designing elements.

The whimsical content reflects on an intelligent corporate culture that’s somehow laid back. Overall, the content also showcases the playful side of the business.

The content strategy embraces good design and inspects the popular trends from an unconventional angle to keep the interests of the audiences intrigued.

Artistic and visually stunning content keeps the audiences in a state of awe and provides them with the much-needed value that is expected from a marketing-centric content.

2. HubSpot

What’s distinctive about HubSpot is its rich and all-encompassing content strategy?

HubSpot is known to post informational content as a part of their B2B Instagram marketing strategy.

HubSpot doesn’t directly try to advertise their products on Instagram but focuses on adding value to their audiences’ feed.

HubSpot communicates their company’s vision through its posts and offers customers with useful pieces of information, without asking anything in lieu of it.

3. HootSuite

Amongst the important Instagram marketing tips for businesses in 2020 from HootSuite, one is to showcase your sales teams.

By flaunting their company’s corporate culture, HootSuite uses Instagram marketing as a chance to connect with the people.

Audience centricity is an important ingredient of B2B Instagram marketing and B2B marketing as a whole. B2B marketing, at the end of the day, is just people selling to people on behalf of organizations and brands.

HootSuite posts the images of its employees bonding over meals or over other fun, playful, and volunteering activities.

Such Instagram posts speak of the warm culture of the company which implicitly also benefits other marketing and lead generation endeavors.

4. IBM

The reactive storytelling works best for IBM’s Instagram marketing. Reactive storytelling is an amalgamation of the top-of-mind story or any other idea with a compelling marketing message that your audience base is enticed to interact with.

Reactive storytelling coupled with compelling marketing messages forms a brand story worth sharing.

IBM employs reactive storytelling during popular events to showcase how these events are leveraging IBM’s technology. IBM also deploys an intelligent hashtag strategy to expand the reach of its Instagram posts.

5. General Electric (GE)

The B2B Instagram marketing approach of General Electric is interesting because GE believes in delivering a brand message that is interesting to a wide audience base.

General Electric also embraces its rich history that is more than a century old. The company showcases its important historical developments in diverse areas such as defense, aviation, and technology amongst many others.

GE leverages the power of storytelling to communicate with people what they do.

Also, a very well-known name in GE’s advertising history is Dr. Swiss, who had made advertisements for GE way before he wrote stories for children.

GE deals with highly technical products and operates in a niche industry. However, they refrain from only focusing on technical aspects in their Instagram posts. The Instagram marketing strategy of the company makes it a point to identify and highlight things that make their brand’s story unique and reflect on its enriched cultural heritage, amassed over the years.

Wrapping Things Up

The engagement on Instagram is amazing and it provides you with an opportunity to reach up to 100% of your followers, unlike the other popular social media marketing channels. Its engagement is about 58 times more than Facebook and about 120 times more than Twitter.

Instagram marketing is an effective marketing tool and a dream come true for any B2B business, as it serves as an exceptional platform to let marketers expand their audience base and skyrocket their ROI goals.

Drawing inspiration from the Instagram marketing strategies of the brands mentioned above you can create your own Instagram marketing strategy that defines the purposes, ideologies, and vision of your brands on the platform.

Remember that on Instagram effective storytelling is more important than straightaway bombarding the users with information about your products or services.

Build the momentum with effective storytelling for the efficient monetization of your Instagram marketing strategies. Innovation in Instagram marketing requires a lot of trailblazing, test-running, and paving your own unique paths to figure out what works the best for your businesses.

Take into consideration, Instagram marketing isn’t a distant future, it has arrived!

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