KickFire’s all-new IP-to-company API Aims at Optimizing B2B Firmographic Data

KickFire’s all-new IP-to-company API Aims at Optimizing B2B
Kickfire, the global leader in IP address intelligence & company identification technology on the 25th of July, 2019, announced its latest release – IP address-to-company Application Program Interface (API). The Kickfire’s API aims b2b has expanded to include Trade Name & expands to include the descriptions from Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) & the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This provides the B2B marketers an excellent opportunity to leverage the company’s name to create hyper-targeted campaigns to attract, engage & convert the prospects from multi-channel marketing endeavors (regardless of DBA or the discrepancies about common names). This will allow the B2B marketers to streamline the criteria for market segmentation, based on diverse industries. NAICS & SIC codes help marketing initiatives in the following ways:
  • Industry Targeting: The most obvious use of NAICS & SIC is that they allow niche-specific targeting by permitting the marketers to make industry-specific marketing campaigns
  • Market Segmentation: The market segmentation with the help of NAICS or SIC code helps the marketers in deducing which industries entail the major chunk of personas that a company wishes to target
  • Identifying the potential new Markets: The first two digits of NAICS or SIC code is an industry title. This information can be used to find similar lines of business to those that a particular B2B enterprise already performs
  • Requesting for a List Quote: Once the marketers have established what their buyer persona looks like, they can request a quote from the NAICS association
  • Hyper-Targeting: The marketers can hyper-target their list by segmenting it further based on geography, annual sales made, number of employees that work for a particular company or by dozens of other popular filters
  • Appending Full Marketing Records: The current customer database of a company can be polished by appending full marketing records to it.
Stephen Oachs, CEO of KickFire, acknowledged that B2B organizations depend heavily on accurate firmographic information to accelerate their account-based marketing & sales endeavors. He also added that one of the core focuses of the company is to constantly strive & provide the best-in-class data & expressed his glee on the expansion of the API for the company that will allow marketers to segment entire industry into diverse groups so as to launch hyper-targeted marketing campaigns for attracting, engaging & converting the prospects. Unveiling new dimensions of B2B data via KickFire’s improved API makes the queries via IP addresses & domains simpler & much more refined. The organizations will be able to employ the improved API to optimize their core Account-Based Marketing endeavors, such as:
  • Creating & serving hyper-targeted B2B ads to the clients through omnichannel marketing strategies to eliminate ad waste & to optimize the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • Enhancing the conversational platforms for marketing, specifically the automated Chabot
  • Hyper-personalizing the website content based on company, industry, revenue, geographical boundaries, in real-time, as and when required
  • Enriching the website forms
Precise segmentation of market means that a company selling to It professionals in the healthcare, retail & financial industries, for example, can create three different versions of their homepage, each having different hero banner, copy & call-to-action button. It means that hyper-personalizing the experiences for the key accounts or specific decision-makers or leads at a macro level will optimize the users’ experiences (UX) & will also set the stage up for the optimization of sales funnel. Furthermore, hyper-targeted campaigns designed based on firmographic data also would expedite the journeys of the prospects through their buyers’ cycle. Refined firmographic data can also be combined with data collected from the omnichannel marketing endeavors of the prospects. Combined with the demographic, technographic, “fit-data”, psychographic data, past buying histories & research methodologies of the prospects, the firmographic data can be used for the intent-based targeting of the prospects. Treating the accounts that are genuinely interested in specific products or services, with hyper-targeted pieces of content is an important pre-requisite of optimizing the sales revenues and it helps the ABM-ers in expediting the sales conversions. Thus, the enhanced B2B firmographic API by KickFire (with the addition of Trade Name & expanded SIC & NAICS industry descriptions) will allow the marketers to leverage a company’s branded name in your campaigns & would further refine the market segmentation based on industry. KickFire integrates with the modern leaders in the field of technology such as Google Marketing Platform, Adobe, LiveRamp, Marketo & many more. About KickFire: KickFire is a pioneer name amongst the companies providing cloud-based B2B sales automation & IP address intelligence. The solutions by KickFire are powered by TWIN Caching, an advanced, copyrighted IP-to-company identification technology.  TWIN Caching systematically caches & analyzes nearly four billion IP addresses & surpasses the traditional IP association to unveil the last-mile connectivity ownership. The all-encompassing suite of solutions from KickFire enables companies to tap into the invisible sales pipelines resonating with their websites & equips them with the power to anonymous visitors into sales prospects. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California. VisiStat, Inc., operating as KickFire is a privately held company founded in the year 2005 & is a leading name among the companies operative in the Computer Software specialty market.

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