LeadX 2.0 to Revolutionize the Lead Generation Market

Lead generation market
On the 17th of February 2020, LeadX AS launched LeadX 2.0. The tool is studded with premium features that cumulatively are all set to disrupt the lead generation market through better collaboration & Salesforce Integration. Besides, the Salesforce Integration the other premium features include multi-organization, Salesforce Integration, Simplification of posting leads, Digital Bell for notifications & Pulse & an analytical dashboard. Being a mobile-first platform, LeadX assists organizations to share & process leads across the organizations operating in silos. The brand is well-known in the lead generation market for allowing organizations to create maximum synergy with their network of stakeholders – leveraging employee lead generation. LeadX designs research for the leading market surveys to ensure that the companies ride on the wings of phenomenal success & possess a sustainable competitive advantage. The coming decade will belong to the marketers who are extremely skilled at exploiting maximum synergy & can excellently network with the stakeholders including suppliers, employees, customers, investors as well as strategic partners. The lead generation market driven by the temperament of traditional business modeling & instead of relying specifically on salespeople for revenue generation & value creation needs to inspect into the future of successful sales organizations. Revenue & value creation & revenue promotion using employee engagement tools from all parts of the organization aid the requisite ideology of a futuristic vision required to excel in the lead generation market.
Tom Aas, the CEO of LeadX AS expressed his excitement about his team’s progress since inception. He added that their team got tremendous responses from their global customers & investors when they launched LeadX 1.0 on 3rd September 2019 which motivated their team to gift the lead generation market with LeadX 2.0.
He explained that LeadX 2.0 will help the customers to create a lead through simpler workflow, integrating CRM data through the Salesforce integration feature to leverage effective forecasting utilizing a powerful BI feature. Tom also added that tools are imperatives for lead generation as they act as catalysts for lead generation, differentiating between brands with a network. LeadX helps generate warm leads that require little or no nurturing endeavors & fuel sales conversions. Tom concluded that the lead generation market is being positively disrupted by its revolutionary product (LeadX 2.0). Some of the premium features of LeadX 2.0 that can stir the lead generation market upside down are as under: Multi-Organization: This allows acustomer to create accounts or child organizations for their channels as well as service partners. The customers can create & manage leads in complete isolation to other partners. Improved Lead Generation Workflow:  With LeadX 2.0,the end-users can create leads in a few seconds. Salesforce Integration Wizard: This allows customers to establish integration with existing Salesforce CRM. Thereby a seamless data flow between CRM & LeadX is facilitated.

About LeadX:

LeadX is an Information Technology & services company headquartered in Fornebu, Akershus. Launched in the year 2019, the company specializes in Lead Generation, Lead Management, and Business Growth. The company is known to help its clients share & process leads across the silos between the departments. The company ensures that brands have introductions with customers through their employees & partners.

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