Generate Leads with White Paper Syndication

Leads through white paper syndication
Writing the white papers is both an art & science. Marketers who are experts at creating white papers understand that whitepapers don’t occur overnight.

What is White Paper Syndication?

Through the white paper syndication services, marketers contact a company that promotes whitepapers to thousands of prospects via diverse channels like their websites, emails, blog articles, social media channels and through other free or paid white paper syndication websites and sales calls. White paper syndication enhances brand awareness & can help to establish you as a thought leader in the industry. It assists in improving website traffic & also enhances the SEO rankings of the business websites over a while. Besides enhancing the brands’ visibility & the lead generation endeavors, white paper syndication also promotes the proper alignment of the marketing & sales teams & optimizes the resourcefulness of the teams. The analysis of the reports gathered from the white paper downloads helps the marketers in leveraging data intelligence services to engage with the prospects & optimize their experiences. Over the past few years, white paper syndication has emerged as an effective technology for the marketers to enhance the circulation & outreach of their campaigns & to start developing relationships with the key prospects. The zeal to write one leads to several hours of online research & crafting important pieces of research in the form of stories before they can be put together & published. White papers are amongst the top content-driven marketing tools & drivers of powerful lead generation campaigns. They help in fetching additional referral traffic for your website & accelerate the number of leads that can be captured by the marketers. White papers are of paramount importance for B2B technology buyers & sail them through their purchasing process. Just like the data sheets & brochures, a quality whitepaper can be he most effective marketing tool when it comes to lead generation through content promotion strategy. White paper syndication is about making your technical whitepapers available to larger audiences through proper marketing channels, taking into account the most preferred marketing platforms that your audiences wish to hang out on. White paper syndication isn’t about waiting & hoping that the prospect will land-up on your website page & download the whitepaper. In an era of multi-channel marketing, white papers have to be delivered to the targeted audiences directly in their inboxes. Targeting & retargeting of the prospects leveraging their intent data & other digital footprints helps in the deliverance of the whitepapers. Checklist for writing a highly effective whitepaper for lead generation White paper syndication is the most effective content promotion strategy that can be put to use for generating leads. The following checklist is a guide for the marketers to optimize the reach of their whitepapers to suffice the needs to their target audience:

1. Start with a strong Headline:

You can split-test several alternative heading formats before choosing a final one to go with.

2. Don’t forget about the target audience:

The content in the whitepaper should be specialized to address particular pain-points of the prospects & should yet be snackable. Research your targeted niche & the cluster-specific audience that you want to serve your content to.

3. Amalgamate Industry Benchmarks & Important Statistics:

The marketers should make sure that their syndicated whitepapers have the essential insights from the industry benchmark reports & the data that supports the brand story-telling.

4. Properly define the problem statement:

Care should be taken that the white paper syndication takes into account the problems being faced by the clients & addresses a generic solution in the introductory paragraph itself

5. Highlight the benefits that the users will get:

The white paper should specifically stress on what unique solutions to the readers’ problems are entailed into it.

6. Stress on the Product & Pricing, wherever required:

One of the important ways to optimize your white appear syndication tactics for lead generation is to create a beautiful look for your shopping list.

7. Align your company’s products to Generic Solutions:

The marketers leveraging white paper syndication need to justify how their products are pretty well aligned with the generic solutions

8. Designing Optimized Call-To-Action Buttons:

This one is amongst the most important tactics for white paper syndication & leads to conversions.

9. Optimizing Your Website landing Pages:

The landing pages on your website should be SEO friendly with an optimized URL, content, meta-details & images. The fields in form should be optimized and the white paper should be placed on the resources page. Encourage audiences to download the paper by explaining to them your vision behind the white paper syndication endeavors. Be conversational, yet informal.

10. Deploying Email Campaigns:

One of the most effective ways of white paper syndication is to promote the white paper in email campaigns to the target audience.

11. Promoting the white paper on Social Media Marketing Channels:

White paper syndication can be a great success if the pieces of content are in a series of posts or updates on social media marketing channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. A summary of the whitepapers can be used for promotions. All the images of the white paper can be used. The links for the whitepapers can be shortened & can be tracked for conversion.

12. Sales Calls & Sales Enablement:

Operating from a place of marketing & sales alignment wherein marketing takes over the responsibility of nurturing of leads before passing them on to the sales team helps in optimizing the conversions. Marketing & sales endeavors need to be aligned & shouldn’t be operating in silos. The success of the white paper syndication endeavors to a great extent relies on the sales calls – both cold & warm calls. Optimizing the timings of the sales calls helps in optimizing the conversions & quality leads generated through the syndication undertakings. Read more on Perfect time to make a Sales Call in 2020

13. Deploy the Third-Party Content Syndication Websites:

Apart from their home pages & social channels, the marketers can also consider promoting their white papers on third-party websites such as Tech Target, & Knowledge Storm to make the most of their white paper syndication endeavors.

14. Repurposing the Whitepapers:

The whitepapers can be repurposed in the form of infographics, blog posts & slide shares. Including a proper call to action button at the end of pieces of content helps in improving the conversions & the downloads. Read more on 5 Remarkable Ways to Repurpose Content in B2B Marketing

15. Promoting the White Paper through Blog Posts & Press Releases:

Writing blog posts & press releases covering the different topics in the whitepaper & promoting the blog’s sidebar & adding a proper call to action at the end of the post helps marketers to optimize their white paper syndication endeavors.

Wrap Up

White paper syndication is a great way of generating quality leads as well as generating optimal ROI from content marketing endeavors. If the prospects find the pieces of information published in the white paper highly snackable, they will consume it which will eventually help them move along with their buyers’ journeys. A fully optimized white paper syndication strategy can help in generating optimum sales revenue through diverse sales campaigns. Valasys Media leverages an array of tailored B2B services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services to help marketers realize their core business bottom-lines.

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