LinkedIn's Marketing Partner Program With New Specialty Categories

LinkedIn’s New Marketing Partner Program With New Speciality Categories

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On September 25th, 2020, LinkedIn proclaimed an update to its Marketing Partner Program, which will facilitate the businesses to find the right experts to assist them with each element of their LinkedIn marketing and growth process.

LinkedIn explained their announcement as follows:

"Today we’re announcing updates to specialties - how you work with our partners - which will make it easier for you to find the right solutions for your marketing on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to create content, grow your brand, convert leads, or measure the impact of your investments, our LinkedIn marketing partners are here for you."

The new categories have been bifurcated into three different areas of focus, with sub-topics within each.

The dedicated third-party support by LinkedIn now extends to:

1. Page Management

Marketing is perpetually having limited resources in the modern times in particular as the world has been hit by a devastating pandemic. Partners of page management will be able to streamline activities across social channels that will reduce the time and resources required, thus an effective publishing strategy will be maintained.

2. Content & Creative

These experts will deliver content and creative on time and in-budget, ranging from narratives, white papers, and videos to individual posts. By mentioning the marketing partner community, the marketers can get the preferred rates as well.

3. Audiences

LinkedIn's native targeting features can improve the efficiency of your ad investments. Partners for audiences enable marketers to bring their data as well as the partner's data into Campaign Manager.

4. Campaign Management

Using the right partner for campaign management, businesses can not only get started but also can scale efficiently and can improve the return on their spend. There are endless opportunities for testing and optimizing LinkedIn ads and with the help of self-service partners, businesses gain functionality such as cross-channel management, rule-based management, and account-based marketing (ABM). 

5. Lead Generation

Adding a partner for lead generation to your marketing mix may be the fastest and easiest way to get immediate value. The partners automatically route the leads to the businesses' preferred platforms.

This not only saves time from manually downloading the lists but also allows sales to follow up quickly.

6. Reporting & ROI

With desperate reporting, understanding, and optimizing the performance becomes a challenge. Along with all the marketing programs that the businesses have to offer partners for reporting and ROI build robust reporting for LinkedIn to give a comprehensive view of the campaign performance data to visualize the return on investment (ROI).

7. Insights

Surfacing the right content and audience insights for your marketing strategies and tactics can be time-intensive. To build informed content and campaigns for LinkedIn, partners for insights will unveil the information that the businesses require.

Tapping through on any of the topics requires businesses to scroll through the list of approved partners that can help them optimize their on-platform strategy, and gain better results from their LinkedIn efforts.

Obviously, not all businesses will be able to avail of such assistance in the year 2020 as the expense to be incurred may surpass their marketing budget. Nonetheless, for those who can afford this facility, this may result in significant benefits in terms of amassing new insights and improving the on-platform performance of the businesses.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking website. Founded in the year 2003, the platform propagated the mission #InItTogether and has been connecting the professionals across the globe to make them more productive and successful.

LinkedIn has 675+ million members across the globe. The executives of all the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale and specializes in online professional networking, job postings, Company and People Search, Address Book, Advertising, Professional Identify, Company Search, and Group Collaboration. The company has a wide range of revenue sources from Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions and thus, constitutes a diversified business model.

On September 25th, 2020, LinkedIn proclaimed an update to its Marketing Partner Program, which will facilitate the businesses to find the right experts to assist them with each element of their LinkedIn marketing and growth process.

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