Metazoa Snapshot Features ‘Smart Deploy’ as Salesforce Management Tool

Metazoa Snapshot Feature Smart Deploy Salesforce Management


  • Metazoa Snapshot provides a software toolset to Salesforce for org management.
  • The tool-set assists Salesforce org in Salesforce org optimization, management, and technical debt.
  • With Smart Deploy, the administrator can observe the issue in the report and launch a deployment tool instantly.

In a recent announcement, Metazoa has announced Smart Deploy in Metazoa Snapshot. The smart deploy is equipped with multiple features that can automate multiple Salesforce org management tasks simultaneously.

The latest addition is done in compliance with the heavy workload and responsibility of salesforce administrators. Major jobs of administrator at Salesforce include optimization, technical debt, compliance, security, and compliance. Each of these jobs should be delivered effectively. Automation of these tasks would result in problem identification and a swift resolution process.

Metazoa Snapshot is widely known for its reports and deployment tools features. However, these features had limited functionalities earlier. The latest incorporation, Smart Deploy, has both report and deployment tools attributes. This would enable busy administrators to solve the issue without much in-depth analysis and reasoning. Till now, there is no other org management software that couples both- visualization reports and automated deployment tools.

The latest deployment technology focuses much on org management. Some of the important updates include-

Field Usage Report Automation- It analyses and provides end-to-end information about each field. The report includes field creation and modification dates, empty values, and distinct values. The Smart Deploy allows users to automatically delete or deploy these objects.

Forgotten Assets Report- The user can select several metadata types, which can be categorized in the criteria of disconnected, no longer configured, inactive, and no longer in use.

View Profiles and Permission Sets- This feature has powerful tools that allow bulk editing of profiles and permission sets. With Smart Deploy, users can also change flow accesses, object permissions, tab visibility, field permissions, custom permissions, and user permissions.

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