Microsoft In Conversation To Acquire Discord For More Than $10 Billion

Microsoft In Conversation Acquire Discord More Than $10 Billion


  • Discord is exploring sales option, as per a source
  • At present, Discord has more than 140 million active subscribers
  • In the month of 2020, the video-game chat community has witnessed an impressive turnover.

Various sources are directing towards the statement of Discord undergoing a sales process in the wake of interest from multiple clients. The purchase bid might surpass $10 billion. In the race of acquiring the video-game chat platform, Microsoft holds a strong position. However, either of the parties has refrained from commenting on the speculation for now.

Discord is an online platform popular among gamers for communication purposes using text and voice. During the time of the pandemic, Discord revised its services and made it a ‘place to talk’ rather than a ‘gamer-centric chat platform’. The revision enabled the people, stuck at home during the pandemic, to use the technology for multiple purposes such as dance class, virtual gatherings, book clubs, and similar other activities. At present, the application has more than 140 million monthly users.

Owing to the expansion of services, Discord raised $100 million at a valuation of $7 billion in December 2020 (as per a report by Pitchbook).

On the other hand, Microsoft is making an effort to shape its gaming business towards software and services. Acquiring Discord will unfold huge opportunities to drive subscribers for Microsoft in near future.

The decision is imminent as there is another rumor doing the rounds -Discord going public in coming months, considering its growth rate in recent past months.

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