Mozilla vs. Google, Apple and Microsoft

Mozilla- vs- Google- Apple- and -Microsoft

When you get a new Android or Apple Phone or product, you can see that it comes with a few default settings and applications as search engines. Android gadgets come with a default Google Chrome search engine. The Apple products come with a default iOS and macOS browser called Safari. Moreover, Windows has Microsoft Bing as its default search engine.

Nowadays, as products come with a default browser, it becomes a clear advantage as it is designed in a way that it becomes difficult for the user to switch search engines. Such is the case with Firefox Mozilla.

Google has more than 2 billion users so with the launch of the new iOS 14, it can be se that there is no option for the user to select their default browser and as a result, have to select a browser within the settings menu. It indirectly compels the user to use the default browser.

The report stated, Putting the development of cross-platform browsers in the hands of only one company creates a concentration of power but also becomes a single point of failure.”

Currently, Google Chrome has about 65% of the market share, subjugating the web browsing market, followed by Apple’s Safari with about 18%, Microsoft Bing with just more than 4%, and lastly, Mozilla Firefox with about 3.5% of the market shares.



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