MRP & Oracle: Email Marketing With ABM Precision

On 23rd January 2019 MRP, a leading global provider of AI-powered customer acquisition software and services announced its collaboration with Oracle Marketing Cloud. This partnership was made for the sole purpose of empowering email marketing as an integral and coordinated component of it Account-Based Marketing programs. The two forms of integration that are included in this collaboration between MRP Prelytix and Oracle Eloqua will empower the clients of MRP to trigger email marketing as a harmonized piece of their ABM strategy. MRP clients can use a master Eloqua instance directly connected to MRP Prelytix or connect an existing Eloqua instance. Through a robust, bidirectional data exchange, this integration effortlessly coordinates Oracle Marketing Cloud deployments that are managed by MRP Prelytix with ABM programs. MRP’s CMO and Co-Founder Jim Regan believe that integrating data and email marketing messaging is one of the greatest opportunities that ABM offers today. According to him, for those B2B marketers who have a goal to drive and measure revenue through personalized, triggered and consistent messaging from their ABM programs, this news is critical. Pierre Custeau, the Vice President of Product Management Eloqua at Oracle said, “While email remains an indispensable tool for B2B marketers, it’s frequently disconnected from their account-based marketing strategy. This collaboration connects Oracle’s leading email marketing capabilities to new and growing data that sales and marketing teams use to approach target accounts.” Kx technology powered MRP Prelytix is a leading in-memory, time-series operational intelligence platform that gives subscribers the ability to create tailored, unique and purpose-built segments based on demographic, firmographic, and engagement data. With the use of multidimensional artificial intelligence, the platform makes sense of billions of B2B buying signals; both within and outside client systems. They can then collect actionable insights that can be used to score and classify target accounts, identify buyer contacts and trigger multichannel ABM arrangements. To improve each subsequent prediction and execution strategy, MRP Prelytix uses embedded machine learning to continuously improve customer engagement models by analyzing outcomes.


Since 2002, some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies have been using MRP’s all-inclusive and predictive customer acquisition software and services. Their clients have trusted MRP to help in achieving their revenue goals by merging cutting-edge predictive analytics with a full suite of ABM services to procure new customers at a faster pace. With 10 offices and 550 employees, MRP covers over 100 countries around the globe.

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