MuleSoft Announced Availability of Universal API Management (UAPIM)

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On 2nd May 2022, Mulesoft announced the availability of Universal API Management (UAPIM) on its innate Anypoint Platform. MuleSoft is expanding its Anypoint Platform with a collection of new and existing products geared at providing customers with a single control plane to enable visibility, flexible management, and governance at scale. Universal API Management (UAPIM) provides a single control plane for visibility, flexible management, and governance at scale.

The Architecture of MuleSoft’s Universal API Management

MuleSoft’s Universal API Management (UAPIM) is a collection of products and services that allows an enterprise to establish a single control plane to enable visibility, flexibility, and governance at scale. In this release, MuleSoft customers will be offered new features around policy management and monitoring that provide greater insight into their APIs both on-premise and in the cloud.


How Universal API Management Is Beneficial For Your Enterprise

With UAPIM, enterprises are able to work with APIs of any origin, in any architecture or environment while engaging their internal or external ecosystems. By leveraging new and updated products, UAPIM aims to assist users in fast-track application delivery, construct modern architectures and applications that are governed by stringent security guidelines, and create vibrant API ecosystems. The availability of Universal API Management (UAPIM) comes with an all-new and updated set of product solutions that have been designed with agility, security, and governance in mind.

UAPIM on Anypoint Platform allows you to secure and control APIs running anywhere as well as interact with them securely and consistently through a single entry point, called Flex Gateway.

With MuleSoft’s Universal API Management (UAPIM), developers can more easily and securely connect their disparate applications with a unified, robust API management platform. The Anypoint Platform enables UAPIM to be deployed in just a few minutes and run at any scale, offering a simple and flexible architecture that lets developers simply build or rebuild an internal or external API gateway as the need arises.

The Universal API Management platform on the Anypoint Platform will provide visibility, control, and governance of APIs so that you can spend less time dealing with diverse enterprise systems or regulations. UAPIM on Anytime Platform eases the availability of the following products in the hands of the community of developers, product managers, and architects:

  1. Flex Gateway
  2. API Governance
  3. API Community Manager
  4. API Experience Hub (To be launched soon)
  5. Anypoint DataGraph
  6. API Designer
  7. API cataloging with the updated Anypoint Platform CLI (To be launched soon)
  8. API Manager

While the developer community is growing steadily, the process to build and manage APIs today is time-consuming and expensive. The Universal API Management (UAPIM) solution from MuleSoft will not only accelerate this process but also simplify it by delivering a single source of truth for all enterprise APIs in Anypoint Exchange. This allows every API to become discoverable and accessible–inside or outside the firewall. In this universal catalog, every API can be productized and governed to consistent quality, making them consumable across different platforms. Businesses now will be able to fully productize their APIs while providing a consistent experience across any self-service developer portal.

The new MuleSoft Anypoint API Governance is a first of its kind in the industry. It’s the first governance solution to provide actionable intelligence on where your APIs are at risk, what’s missing and why, and how to fix them. With Anypoint API Governance, developers can adhere to governance rules and best practices through real-time validation during development. This ensures compliance standards and speeds up review cycles so that you can maintain delivery speed.

About MuleSoft

MuleSoft is the world’s #1 integration and API platform headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2006 and specializes in Cloud, SOA, SaaS, APIs, Integration, and Connectivity. They aim at creating connected experiences and their platform powers thousands of enterprise and business applications including Farmers Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Wells Fargo, and many others. Their mission statement says, “Connect data from any system faster.”

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