NetLine Audience Explorer: Quantify Content Consumption

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On 25th of June 2019, NetLine Corporation, known for operating the largest B2B content syndication & lead generation network & for its largest depository of insights related to content consumption, launched Audience Explorer. The Mechanics of Audience Explorer It is a free tool that equips B2B marketers to unveil the statistics related to content consumption, not only on their primary website but across omnichannel. The marketers are asked to enter the details about their target audience (the persona they want to target). Once the personal preference has been set-up the real-time data of their psychoanalysis is generated by tracking their behavior across omnichannel. Audience Explorer is the only real-time tool that facilitates researching about audience engagement in the B2B dominion. Discovering prospects in the marketplace that are actively consuming content is beneficial for marketers in the following ways: Allows marketers to create a hyper-personalized content strategy so as to expedite the journey of prospects through their individual sales funnels & optimize the sales conversion. Weaves a tactic around the user data gathered from omnichannel (such as demographic, firmographic, technographic, “fit-data”, psychographic data as well as the current & past researching habits of the prospects & their purchase history) which helps in accelerating the repercussions of content syndication for optimized conversions. Deploys a highly targeted content strategy that facilitates marketers to measure the Return on their Marketing investment (ROMI) as well as the Return on Investment (ROI) which are important pre-requisites for the marketers to optimize conversions on their websites. Tracks the total number of audiences that visit the website through omnichannel & measures the total number of engaged audiences which gives important insights to marketers. Tracking the percentage of engaged audiences against the total number of audiences visiting the website, allows marketers to analyze whether the audiences on the website are spending enough time on the site to accelerate the conversions or else, what might be the factors behind an increased bounce rate. Netline produces more than 15,000 web properties & thousands of leads on a monthly basis & also provides marketers with immediate, actionable insights on content consumption by the prospects across omnichannel. Measuring content strategy endeavors is important for the marketers to outlast the competition in the marketplace as well as to maintain their sustainable development. Audience explorer ensures that it not only serves as a platform for real-time data analysis but also allows marketers to analyze several data points. The tool also makes some predictive assumptions based on data & thereby also aids the marketers in their task of data analysis. Features such as ‘Trending Topics & Buyer Research Stream’ provide information about the type of content being consumed by a specific persona in real-time. Thus, in a hypothetical situation wherein, a B2B marketer is looking to target IT and professionals, the tool will allow them to discover which pieces of content designed around IT information is being searched by his prospects in the market as well as on his website. Delving into the detailed preferences of the prospects across the web will allow marketers to tailor-make their content strategies, to best suit the needs of their prospects & meet their relevancy level. Thus, Netline creates an ecosphere for the marketers, wherein they can pivot their content strategies as per the behavioral & psychographic analysis of their in-market personas. David Fortino, the Senior Vice president (SVP) of Audience & Product at Netline, enthralled with the value proposition of Audience Explorer stated that Netline has become an epicenter of a ‘content-first’ philosophy in the B2B research dominion & they feel the necessity of optimizing buyers’ engagement by analyzing their behavior in real-time which led to the development of Audience Explorer. He also added that the Netline B2B customers were repetitively asking for deeper insights into transparent, real-time data about the engagement of prospects with various pieces of content across the web, which led to the conceptualization & origin of Audience Explorer. As stated in Netline’s annual report, 2019 State of B2B Content Consumption & Demand Report, Audience Explorer is a breeze of fresh innovation in Netline & its historic launch will facilitate marketers to track & quantify the potential & exiting buyers’ engagement, in a transparent & unbiased manner. Netline’s data can also be integrated with the data of cluster-specific audiences & thus, the marketers can define, segment & assemble personas based on their preferred ways of content consumption. With the launch of Audience explorer, Netline has surpassed the status of being just a mundane content syndication vendor & an enterprise that provides buyer engagement services, to new horizons wherein, they have stepped into the realm of harnessing the benefits of intent signaling & predictive content analysis to help organizations define, measure & optimize the Key-Performance indicators (KPIs) related to their content strategies. Founded in 1994, Netline has been operating on a throng of first-party data & with the introduction of Audience Explorer, they will be making a landmark move of coalescing & processing intent signaling & prospects data across omnichannel, for the very first time. About Netline Netline operates performance-based campaigns for B2B customers & has the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network. They provide a range of services including content syndication, lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurture, and many more. The company headquartered in Los Gatos, California, has set a benchmark in advertising & marketing industry & specializes in fields such as Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Management, Online Marketing, Content Syndication, White Papers, Intent-Based Leads, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Branding, Newsletters, and Account-Based Marketing.

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