NetWise Integrates With LiveRamp Data Source

On the 3rd of February 2020, NetWise Data LLC announced its integration with LiveRamp Data Source, allowing marketers to hyper-target B2B audience groups across omnichannel. NetWise Data LLC, which swears by the vision of 'brand behind the brand', has been helping companies like Bizo handle their B2B data & is a leading name in articulating B2B display audiences since 2012.

The integration will facilitate direct ‘farm-to-table’ access for all data requirements across every digital channel. The personal data of the prospects being used for online marketing would remain un-tempered in the process.

NetWise can be used to custom the diverse audience segments across any platform (be it Social, SSP, DSP or DMP) or brand. The custom segments & contacts are in sync across all the channels.

LiveRamp Data Store distribution provides the requisite flexibility which makes accessing the power of NetWise data extremely easy. Thus, B2B data users get precise & useful data which can be activated within 24 hours. There are no lengthy analytical processes involved in the interim.

NetWise hinted an additional benefit of partnering with LiveRamp. Marketers will now be able to create & launch campaigns instantly for audience targeting, even in previously unavailable destinations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat.

According to Cam Fortin, VP of Product at NetWise, “Marketers can license trusted third-party audiences from NetWise & activate them in the platforms of their choice. Instead of searching for the same audiences across multiple platforms, marketers can select audiences once & easily distribute them to all relevant destinations; so, you can reach the right audience with your big advertising idea at the moment it hits.”

Businesses often have stale contact in their CRM or data repositories. Hence, many of them primarily struggle to find the right audience for their messages. Oftentimes, the contact information might not be properly constructed or might lack the accuracy that is an essential pre-requisite to accomplish the goals aligned with the product campaigns. NetWise helps marketers to discover, license & coherently distribute data to any platform. Thus, NetWise will continue to be an undisputed leader in crafting effectively targeted campaigns for attracting B2B audience groups.

About NetWise

NetWise was founded in the year 2009. It is headquartered in Bermondsey, London & is one of the leading data center operators in the city. They specialize in providing in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure services, which include mission-critical server colocation & contriving the rack space solutions, alongside best-in-class connectivity services.

Their customers rely on them for providing exceptional customer care & an array of exclusive value-added services. They have a diversified customer base spread across the entire globe & specialize in dedicated servers, colocation, affordable hosting, rack space, data centers, connectivity, security, London colocation, & London rack space.

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp was founded in the year 2011 & is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The company specializes in Data Onboarding, Big Data, Marketing Technology, and Digital Advertising. LiveRamp provides an identity platform to deliver innovative products & exceptional experiences. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects people, data, and devices across digital & physical boundaries which inspires people-based marketing revolution & allows customers to safely connect with the brands & products of their choice.

LiveRamp delivers privacy-conscious solutions to market & honors the best practices of leading associations.

On the 3rd of February 2020, NetWise Data LLC announced its integration with LiveRamp Data Source, allowing marketers to hyper-target B2B audience groups across omnichannel.

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