How to Scale Up Personalization to Streamline B2B Sales Cycle

Personalization to Streamline B2B Sales Cycle

The modern – age B2B marketing is majorly about prioritizing the preferences of the customers. Scaling up personalization, to streamline sales helps customers sail quickly through the sales cycle, resulting in optimized the sales conversions. The better understanding you will have of your customers & of your target-niche, the easier it becomes for you to target & convert the prospects into customers.

Using personalization, to streamline sales cycle isn’t something new in a data-driven marketing world.

According to a report by over 78% of customers will only engage with offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements with the brand.

Marketers use personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle & to scale up the Return on their Marketing Investment (ROMI).

According to a report by Instapage, 84% of the customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business.

B2B personalization involves tailoring the advertising endeavors & offers & communication efforts to suffice the requirements of each B2B customer.

Scaling up personalization to streamline B2B sales cycles helps marketers with smarter targeting & better understanding of the customers to deliver faster, more relevant & scaled experiences to the business customers.

The following methods can be used by marketers to scale-up personalization & to streamline B2B sales cycle:

1. Employ Social Listening:

Scaling up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle involves talking to the customers across omnichannel. In an era of the Internet of Things (IoT), with the superfluous data everywhere, the marketers need to optimize the digitized as well as, the physical touch-points of the customers.

Employing social listening can help brands track, analyze & respond to conversations about them on diverse social media channels. Social listening is amongst the most crucial components of audience research.

Social listening helps marketers to capture the sentiments of the customers & accordingly work on to boost the architecture of their CX deliverance.

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2. Work closely with your Sales Team:

When it comes to scaling up personalization to streamline B2B Sales cycle, the marketers need to work closely with their sales teams. Working with the sales team, helps marketers to understand the pain-points of the customers, their challenges & other information required for scaling up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle.

Besides, working closely with the sales team also gives marketers an idea about what they can do the best to contribute to the process of sales enablement to optimize the sales revenue.

3. Deliver Hyper-Personalized Content to the Prospects:

An important part of scaling-up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle involves delivering hyper-personalized content to the prospects. Tailoring hyper-personalized pieces of content according to the individual stages in the buying cycles of the prospects allows marketers to captivate the attention of the prospects.

Deliverance of the relevant information at the right time to address the pain-points of the prospects ensures that the marketers will eventually be able to scale up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle.

Working with predictive techniques such as a predictive content strategy according to the likes & interests of the customers, allows marketers to prepare the pieces of content in a way that helps scale up personalization to streamline B2B sales cycle.

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A predictive content strategy in-turn is based on the first & third-party intent-data & the demographic, firmographic, technographic & psychographic insights of the customers amassed from an array of channels across the web.

4. Leverage Visual Imaging:

Buying from businesses is more of an implicit decision than explicit. Therefore, the businesses need to make sure that they use visual imagery for brand storytelling in a way that inspires customers to not just make a purchase but emotionally connect with the brand.

Scaling up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle within the modern set-up of businesses involves establishing an emotional connection with the customers with the help of visual imagery & video content.

According to a report by Social Media Today, customers land a 64% higher probability to purchase a product, provided they watch a video online.

The traditional text-based methods of content creation need to be complemented with visual imagery & video marketing. The realm of social media, as well as, the primary domain of a website needs to have a blended strategy for storytelling employing text-based & visual storytelling.

Surely, scaling up personalization to streamline B2B Sales Cycle involves Assistance from Visual Storytelling

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5. Make the Best of Programmatic advertising, Digital Ads & Remarketing Campaigns:

Programmatic advertising leverages the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to serve the right ads to the right users at the right time & the right place.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of the B2B brands and agencies believe that the use of data & analytics has revolutionized the way they have been conventionally handling marketing & advertising.

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With the marketers having access to billions of data points from diverse channels across the web including Google & Facebook, the hyper-targeted paid advertising campaigns can boost the organic website traffic as well as the can scale-up personalization to streamline B2B sales cycle.

Device location data, the type of device & apps used & websites created, searches & bookmarks & almost every activity of the customer online creates data that can be used for customer segmentation as well as for hyper-targeting of the customers in diverse clusters, using paid advertising & email marketing campaigns.

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Selecting the right form of display ads helps marketers to scale up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle.

Omnichannel retargeting is a cookie-based technology to equip marketers to follow their visitors all around the web after they have visited your eCommerce or business website at least once.

Reengaging the customers across omnichannel is an effective strategy to scale up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle.

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The term marketing covers all the strategies that bring the customers to the website to complete the buying process.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to Scale-up personalization to streamline B2B Sales Cycle:

AI & Machine Learning (ML) has revolutionized every aspect of B2B marketing including demand generation, digital marketing, marketing ops & customer experience (CX).

AI helps in the deliverance of personalized content & also assists with the preparedness of personalized pieces of content based on predictive insights generated from diverse data-points.

The artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms & statistical methods such as least squares & K nearest neighbors (KNN) & K-means cluttering can be employed to come up with content recommendations based on the specific stages in the buying cycles of the customers.

Delivering personalization to the level of individualization is not just possible for the individual prospects but also the key accounts.

Thus, amassing insights from the big data the right way helps scale up personalization to streamline B2B sales cycles.

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With the evolution of AI algorithms, the predictive capabilities for the marketers are evolving. The modern algorithms allow marketers to choose the new accounts to target, existing accounts to prioritize & offer the right solution to suggest into new buying centers.

Wrapping Things Up

Scaling up the game of personalization to streamline B2B sales cycles involves utilizing the most appropriate channels for delivering the perfect messages to the prospects at the right time. Communicating in real-time through omnichannel helps in strengthening the omnichannel reputation management framework as well as scales up personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle.

Besides, scaling up personalization also helps the marketers to upsell their after-sales services, inspire customer loyalty & boost prospecting through positive Word-of-Mouth-Marketing (WOMM).

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