Quora lead generation: Top 6 tips for 2020

The lead generation process is the bread & butter for B2B marketers. As the year 2020 is round the corner, the landscape of B2B marketing is more dynamic than ever before. Quora lead generation is an innovative approach to attract prospects & the marketers who understand the intricacies of lead generation can certainly not miss out on this. Quora can be used by the brands to promulgate their visions, build omnichannel reputation & manage it & establishing strong brand equity & authority all of which in one way or the other aid lead generation. Before the qualified leads are nurtured by marketing automation & passed on to the sales team, the marketers have to deploy lead generation strategies to create a consistent pipeline of high-intent prospects after their intent targeting. The concept of Quora lead generation isn’t something new. However, with the proliferation of technological renaissance in the B2B world, the lead generation tactics using Quora are also bound to change for better – only if the marketers keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings in the lead generation business. Quora boasts of having 300 million active users in September 2018, up from 200 million reported in 2017. Ever since it was launched in 2009, Quora has attracted students, marketers, professionals, journalists & industry leaders & who-not. Being a unique community-driven social media platform that provides you some intellectual food for thought & the power to question & engage with experts, Quora has been gaining traction & therefore, Quora lead generation, when done right can become an insuperable armory for B2B marketers. Why Use Quora for B2B lead generation in 2020? According to Neilpatel.com – “Quora might be your best lead-generation hack”. As much as lead generation is a priority, it is a challenge for B2B marketers as well. According to HubSpot, 61% of the marketers say generating traffic & leads is their top challenge. Quora is a versatile social media platform & though it’s not as big as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Quora lead generation holds immense potential. Amongst all the lead generation sources Quora lead generation can be considered to be of high quality because the audiences searching for specific questions are aware of their research motives & more often than not are aware of what they are seeking answers for. Nurturing the educated leads, in turn, becomes a simplistic job. Taskworld experimented with their lead generation process using Quora. They witnessed an upsurge in the total number of leads as well as the conversions generated through those leads. Top League Technologies quotes about Quora being amongst the top-notch B2B lead generation tactics:
“Being the epicenter of curiosity, Quora offers businesses potential opportunity to create a niche for their brand and leverage it to spread awareness about their products and services.”
Innovative Ways to Deploy Quora for Lead Generation in 2020 According to Tyler James, co-founder of Conversated Media, Quora opens immense possibilities to communicate & engage with other users. Engaging with the prospects to help them out is an excellent inbound strategy to generate leads. People on Quora are rapidly searching for feedbacks on products or services they want to purchase. Being on the platform as a subject matter expert enhances brand image in the eyes of the target audience & drives quality traffic as leads on the website. The following are 6 ways to make the most of Quora for B2B lead generation:

1. Be of value & be Consistent:

We understand that you’re in lead generation business. But try & get this straight that people on Quora are in no means looking to buy straight away. They are simply seeking answers to feed their inquisitive selves & more optimistically in a researching frame of mind for their preferred products or services. So, stop posting promotional kinds of stuff. People are looking for information & they want the same. Do the following things:
  1. Answer the questions of the prospects succinctly, yet effectively.
  2. You can try writing blogs on Quora, no problem, it works.
  3. Keeping the interesting aspect of the audience in mind try including infographics, compelling pictures & even videos in your pieces of informative content.
  4. Content shouldn’t be superfluous & you should engage with the audiences’ comments, wherever necessary.
  5. Quora is an excellent platform for content syndication. So, syndicate your content which is relevant to the queries being searched for by the users – just be mindful that you don’t overwhelm them.
  6. Be frequent with your answers & keep the element of relevancy intact.
  7. Links for additional reading can be provided at the end of the answers. Be mindful though, that your sole aim is to be resourceful for the prospects & accordingly, links should be highly relevant (don’t scare them away). Irrelevance can be a big turn-off and can negatively impact your brand equity.
Protip: Try providing links to engaging audio & visual forms of content resources such as videos, infographics & even podcasts which are in orchestration with your audience interest, when syndicating the content on Quora.

2. Be Mindful of Personal Branding:

Why would someone value your expert tips on Quora lead generation unless they know who you are? So, to start with create a compelling profile on Quora & optimize it. Once the audiences know your area of expertise, they’ll trust your opinion. Add some personality to your profile & see the magic unwind. Protip: Look for credentials & highlights section on the right side of your screen & fill it. Also, elaborate on your accomplishments.

3. Follow Relevant Topics & Groups:

Remember your niche is important & so is your community. Be mindful of the diverse questions being posted & answered in your niche-specific groups & make the most of your Quora lead generation endeavors. Also, following the diverse topics of your area of expertise allows Quora you consistently provide you with updates on questions being posted. Protip: Follow the topics that are directly aligned with your industry & products.

4. Leverage the Quora Analytics Tool:

The innate & robust analytical tool by Quora allows you to optimize your Quora lead generation endeavors. The tools facilitate the quantification of your content marketing endeavors & allows you to track all the past answers. Protip: Tracking the overall views, upvotes & shares on your pieces of content as well as tracking the relative referral traffic generated over a while (typically on monthly, quarterly & annual basis) allows marketers to optimize their Quora lead generation endeavors by test-running & optimizing the conversions through the answers posted. Learn more: The Best Lead Generation tools for 2020

5. Boost SEO:

Quora is an excellent SEO tool besides being a platform for audience engagement & research. It helps in building links back to your website & when anyone links to your site or blog Quora sends you a trackback. Protip: Marketers looking to make the best of Quora lead generation should try using Quora for addressing the long tail, conversational & how-to-queries. Accordingly, the keyword density can be researched & keywords can be studded in the answer. Learn more: How to Generate More MQLs from B2B SEO Program

6. Benchmarking:

Benchmarking, especially competitive benchmarking, allows the marketers to comprehend what are the best ways to get the most out of their Quora lead generation endeavors. Protip: Don’t just analyze the conversations, participate in them, as far as practicable. Engaging in conversation allows you to provide unique & helpful information to the relevant audience groups. Besides, it also allows you to show the value proposition of your products or services. Learning about the trending topics within your niche & areas of interest of your audience groups allows you to better understand & address their pain-points & queries. You can also leverage user-generated content (UGC) on & off Quora for content creation & distribution. User-Generated Content (UGC) can also be leveraged for influencer marketing on & off Quora. Learn more: How to Assimilate Competitive Benchmarking in Social Media

Wrap Up

Quora is a paradise for B2B audiences & indeed a place to interact with their favorite brands. For B2B brands Quora lead generation holds immense potential. According to research by Foundationinc.co, Quora Ads can get up to 4x more conversions. So, if your business thrives on leads & you are thinking of leveraging some effective & out-of-box Social Media Marketing ideas, try the above listed Quora lead generation hacks. Valasys Media is a renounced name in B2B service provider companies. We understand your needs & leverage our tailor-made services lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services to full potential to help our clients optimize their core business bottom lines.

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