The Ultimate List of Resources for B2B Marketers

The Ultimate List of Resources for B2B Marketers


The B2B marketers have a lot to juggle around with while developing an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, we have compiled the ultimate list of resources for B2B marketers to help them with budget constraints, creative demands, channel decisions & most importantly, to attract, engage, target, convert, delight & retain – the ideal persona. B2B marketing is very different from marketing to individual customers. It relies on bringing about B2B marketing news & trends across omnichannel using an integrated & all-encompassing content strategy geared towards any business or organization that sells products or services to other businesses or organizations. As the B2B marketing industry is constantly evolving, so are the resources for B2B marketers to help them optimize their core bottom-lines & to stay on the top of their marketing game. In a knowledge-based & experience-driven economy, marketers need to scrutinize the B2B marketing examples making a difference in the marketplace & learn from competitive benchmarking. Learn more:  How to Assimilate Competitive Benchmarking in Social Media Researching from the B2B marketing research papers, the B2B marketing project topics, the B2B marketing magazines & the B2B marketing international journals are just some ways marketers to expand their knowledge base. Nothing is more important for B2B marketers than to learn from a broad array of concepts and strategies for latest & relevant B2B facts & statistics, seeking inspiration for new content or simply looking to match pace with the latest trends. We have brought together the go-to library of resources for B2B marketers focused on optimizing their core bottom-lines such as Return on Investment (ROI), efficiency & subject matter expertise:

1. Marketo:

The SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is amongst the foremost resources for B2B marketers. The platform allows B2B organizations to automate & measure marketing engagement, tasks, and workflows. Marketo facilitates the centralization of all the digital marketing campaign emails, landing pages as well as other marketing components. There are in-built management tools to help organizations & tracking of marketing campaigns. Marketo has several blogs to provide a wealth of information on an array of topics such as marketing, automation trends, topics and trends and much more.

2. HubSpot:

The HubSpot blog makes it easy on the ultimate list of Resources for B2B Marketers. The blog subscribers are delivered with a daily dose of inbound marketing trends in their inboxes in the form of blog articles, compiled statistics, infographics & several other diversified forms of content. Additionally, HubSpot also offers an incredible inbound marketing training curriculum & video tutorials & possesses a wide-breadth of inbound marketing tools.

3. SiriusDecisions:

Up next on the list of resources for B2B marketers is SiriusDecisions. The firm focused on research & advisory provides B2B marketing businesses with prudent strategies on many marketing & sales topics. Additionally, marketers are also sensitized about the vital marketing frameworks & the best industrial practices. SiriusDecisions created the well-known Demand Waterfall framework which simplifies the process of demand generation for the B2B marketers. Moreover, several national and local events are hosted by SiriusDecisions which brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry together for interaction & brainstorming – benefiting the industry at large.

4. Demand Gen Report:

Demand Gen is amongst the foremost resources for B2B marketers. This is a content hub & publisher platform for B2B marketing offices. The DGR website serves as a reference center that keeps B2B marketers abreast of the demand generation insights, industry reports, news, innovations, acquisitions & thought leadership trends from top industry executives. The in-depth research reports by DGR cover a wide array of topics from lead nurturing and analytics to social media & trends operative in mobile marketing technology. Besides, DGR also hosts many webinars & live events.

5. Content Marketing Institute:

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) helps the marketers advance in their content marketing endeavors & is amongst the ultimate list of resources for B2B marketers. B2B marketers comprehend those relevant & high-quality pieces of content rule the B2B marketing world. The CMI website is decorated with helpful resources including the white papers, ebooks, podcasts, and blog posts. The website also provides live online info on conferences & events. The platform also allows marketers to enroll in CMI’s Content Marketing University for more in-depth training in content marketing. Thus, CMI is the one-stop-shop for content marketing related B2B solutions and amongst the valuable resources for B2B marketers.

6. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a paradise for B2B marketing endeavors & amongst the most popular resources for B2B marketers. BuzzSumo is a powerful online tool that allows users to delve into the relevant & buzzing content within their niche or otherwise. This information can be used by marketers to create content that their customers & prospects might be most interested in. BuzzSumo also provides information about popular influencers in the industry & assists competitive benchmarking.

7. MarketingProfs:

Citing over 70 pages of posts on every marketing topic that one can think of, MarketingProfs is amongst yet another most popular resources for B2B marketers to bak upon. MarketingProfs leverages professional development tools, programs & seminars that assist marketers to upskill themselves by expanding their knowledge base. For the B2B marketing businesses publishing industry thought leadership on their social feeds, MarketingProfs is a must-have on their lists.

8. Ahrefs:

This one is an all-inclusive SaaS tool and is one the ultimate list of resources for B2B marketers for a good reason. It is primarily used for SEO research & keywords. This versatile tool is the ultimate SEO tool for marketers to increase high-quality organic traffic on their websites. Besides, helping the marketers with all the content & SEO related challenges, the powerful tool also assists with creating brand awareness & omnichannel reputation management as it helps engineer a content strategy entailing search-optimized terms & phrases. Marketers can choose their content topics more strategically & better understand & benchmark their competitors.

9. Salesforce:

Salesforce is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service provider in the B2B marketing industry. The powerful tool is highly customizable to suit various industry requirements & suffice the needs of several departments. The platform facilitates companies to better manage their sales process – right from the point where the first interaction with the customers happens to the closure of a deal. Salesforce also provides trailblazing & insightful content in the form of white papers, blogs & other resources which can help the B2B marketers to improve their marketing efforts across multiple channels. Learn more: How to Design, Manage & Optimize Multichannel B2B Content Strategies

10. Sprout Social:

SproutSocial is another multipurpose tool and makes it to our list of the ultimate list of resources for B2B marketers. The platform allows marketers to pre-schedule their social media posts, post queuing them up. The tool can also be used to engage with the audiences & to analyze performance & build custom reports. This is an excellent resource for optimizing the timing of posts on social media for improved customer interactions & engagement & facilitates streamlining your efforts across all your social profiles – yet generating optimum revenue. Learn more: How to Generate B2B Leads Using Facebook in 2020 Wrapping It Up: The modern B2B marketer invests a lot of time & energy into the planning & execution of their marketing campaigns. Along with a split-tested & optimized inbound strategy success also depends upon how the marketers harness the vital information on the latest marketing & inbound practices. The ultimate list of resources for B2B marketers described above can help marketers get optimum returns from their marketing investments. Valasys Media is a trustworthy name to help B2B marketers optimize their core bottom-line endeavors. Our services include lead-generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services all of which are customized after extensive research to suffice the requirements of our B2B clients. Contact us to apprehend and accomplish your most undecipherable marketing goals & guide them towards optimized ROI (Return on Investment).

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