SoGoSurvey’s Predictive Analytics to Make Companies Future-Ready

SoGoSurvey’s Predictive Analytics Make Companies Future-Ready

On 13th November 2021, enterprise online survey provider SoGoSurvey rolled out its latest release, SoGoSurvey 28.0, featuring enhancements, principally in the form of predictive analytics to allow users more flexibility in collecting critical feedback to optimize customer & employee experiences and address research needs for business purposes.

“From expanded reporting controls to more streamlined workflows, this release brings to life so much of the feedback we’ve heard from our clients,” Mary McCormack (Senior Account Manager, SoGoSurvey) added.

The new release will give companies more flexibility and options to gather and analyze data for a wide variety of business purposes — from improving employee engagement to enhancing customer experience.

The new release includes enhancements that allow companies to better understand the “big picture” of the customer experience (CX) through a deeper look at CX trends across past events as well as future predictive analysis. The predictive analysis functionality is a powerful tool that will allow companies to analyze the impacts of business decisions and see emerging trends and behavior patterns well in advance.

“It’s exciting to be moving forward in the area of predictive analysis,” shared Melissa Krut (VP of Success, SoGoSurvey). She further explained, “Over time, we’ve focused our analytical power on drilling down on past experiences, but today we’re setting our sights on improving future experiences, too.”

Other enhancements are also included in SoGoSurvey 28.0 to help businesses and organizations get the information they need when they need, including expanded SMS distribution across countries and through APIs, making it easier to distribute more surveys to an expanded pool of participants.

The new release also helps users’ foster efficiency and transparency with a new feature allowing participants to “sign on the dotted line” and grant permissions through virtual consent. Users can also streamline their workflows by pushing survey responses to tools such as Salesforce or SoGoConnect.

In addition, enhancements to SoGoSurvey’s famous Omni Report bring expanded options in scoring, sorting, report-level segmentation, and exporting to deliver more actionable, easy-to-read results to key stakeholders.

SoGoSurvey’s invites business leaders to explore the new release by attending live guided tours.

About SoGoSurvey:

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, SoGoSurvey is an award-winning provider of online survey software. Organizations like Uber, Walmart, UNICEF, Citibank and hospital systems, financial services companies, governments, and educational institutions, use SoGoSurvey to gather business intelligence.

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