Squarewebsites Released In-depth Video Walkthrough of Chrome Extension Tool

Squarewebsites develop website plugins to help bring your website ideas to life instantly. But, navigating through the overload of plugins and integrations can be confusing and even frustrating. To counteract this confusion, Squarewebsites released a 26 minute, in-depth video walking through their Chrome Extension tool.

The Chrome Extension tool for website admins allows users to instantly edit, tweak, and copy their pages. But, to make sure users receive the most out of their plugins, Squarewebsites stepped in to create their Chrome Extension tutorial video. The video breaks down into two main sections: enabling certain options such as navigation tools and code editing and allowing the core to functions such as UI tweaks and copying pages from Squarespace 7.0 to 7.1.

The tutorial video is available for free on YouTube by visiting the company’s channel or searching “SquareWebsites Pro Extension Walkthrough.” Visit the video directly by following this link: Pro Extension Walkthrough.

About SquareWebsites:

Squarewebsites is a website design and development company focusing on developing website plugins for the website platform Squarespace. The company has sold over 9,000 plugin licenses and has been known for various plugins such as Universal Filter and Custom Cart Plugin for the past seven years. To read more about Squarewebsites or peruse their plugin options, visit www.squarewebsites.org.

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