6 Remarkable Benefits of Strategic Content Mapping


Strategic content mapping is an orchestrated plan to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time to help customers sail through the specific stages of their buying cycles and to figure-out the opportunities to better address the pain-points of your customers.

Strategic content mapping is a powerful tool for content marketers as they can review their existing content assets, plan new content strategy, and figure out how each piece of content can be used to effectively reach, and engage with the target audience groups.

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, merely 27% of the B2B content marketers have a documented content strategy.

Thus, in order to stand apart from the crowd and make an impact on their target audience groups, content marketers need to do a bit of groundwork.

With the help of strategic content mapping, marketers can:

  1. Visualize the stages in the buying cycles where the customers might show maximum or minimum engagement levels
  2. Figure out how a full-proved content strategy helps customers at every stage of the buying process
  3. Establish how customers can be strategically guided through the their journeys, in an effective way

Why Strategic Content Mapping is Advantageous to Your Business

Strategic content mapping provides a structural framework for fueling your content creation efforts and for optimizing your digital marketing endeavors.

Strategic content mapping helps your businesses in the following ways:

1. Helps Identify the Loopholes in Your Content Strategy

Strategic content mapping is all about aligning your content strategy with a definite set of goals to boost the conversions on the website fetched by the pieces of content.

Marketers must be able to figure out and fix the loopholes existing in their content strategy.

With the help of strategic content mapping, marketers can figure out the existing loopholes in their content strategy, and can accordingly audit their pieces of content or carry out a full content audit if required.

2. Allows Keyword Mapping in the Content Mix

By implementing strategic content mapping, the marketers can also include the keywords, each piece of content is optimized for as well.

Keyword mapping helps you get the maximum out of your strategic content strategy. Along with optimizing your pieces of content, you can also optimize your content for the specific set of keywords that the prospective buyers might be interested in. Thus, marketers can optimize their content marketing efforts.

3. Helps in Creating a Buyer Persona

A strategic content mapping approach cannot be implemented unless you have developed an ideal buyer persona.

You can create your ideal buyer persona based on the demographic, firmographic, psychographic, characteristics of your aptest buyer groups along with introspection of their prime areas of concerns or challenges, the sources that they use frequently for research such as blogs, books or conferences and the influencers, and thought leaders who influence their buying habits – along with an analysis of the buying habits of the customers, including where they have been historically buying from and who takes a final call on purchases within a company.

4. Integrates Your Content Strategy with the Buyer Persona

With the help of strategic content mapping, the marketers can tailor their pieces of content to the specific queries of their prospects.

Marketers can track the visibility of pieces of content with a specific set of keywords that are being researched the most by prospective customers.

This will help the marketers in visualizing the success of their content strategy, and where the scopes for improvement exist.

5. Helps in Creating Content Catalog

Before marketers deploy strategic content mapping, they need to know about all the content that they have already created.

Analyzing the pieces of content that already have been created allows marketers to prevent the creation of redundant pieces of content.

Each piece of content and relevant details need to be analyzed including the title of the content, content URL, content category, type of content, date of content publishing, content quality, and the next steps that the prospects take towards the conversions, after interacting with the pieces of content.

6. Helps in Delineating the Buyers’ Journey

With the help of strategic content mapping, the marketers will be able to deploy their content strategy in a strategic fashion, to suit the specific stages of the buying cycles of the customers.

Creating pieces of content tailored to specific stages of customers’ lifecycles allows marketers to provide the customers with seamless experiences so that the purchase-decisions are expedited.

Tools for Content Mapping

With the help of proper tools, the task of strategic content mapping becomes much easier, as the marketers can collect and organize several pieces of information in a hassle-free manner.

The following types of templates can be put to use as highly effective and free content mapping tools. Most of these templates are inexpensive and can be developed by in-house marketers:

  • Buyer Persona Template

This template allows marketers to create a detailed buyer-persona, keeping in view of the ideal buyers for a product or service that the marketers have in their minds.

  • Content Audit Template

This template allows marketers to visualize the impact of their pieces of content. Marketers need to define their content marketing KPIs and metrics and can design content marketing KPIs that align with the bottom-line business objectives of the brands.

While deciding on the metrics and KPIs, the marketers need to ensure that proper weightage is given to client engagement metrics, along with the SEO metrics in the content strategy.

Also, there should be metrics for deciding on the quality of the pieces of content so that marketers can easily analyze the effectiveness of individual pieces of content, and can figure out where specific pieces of content fit in along the buyers’ cycles.

  • Content Mapping Template

This template allows marketers to develop content maps as per the specific stages in the buying cycles of the prospects. With the help of these templates, marketers can increasingly produce useful pieces of content to help customers along the specific stages in their respective buying cycles.

Wrapping Things Up

Strategic content mapping is something that modern content marketers cannot afford to miss out on. By strategic content mapping, marketers can visualize which pieces of content they need to nurture prospects through their buying cycles.

Strategic content mapping makes your content marketing more efficient and effective for engaging with your ideal persona. Strategic content mapping optimizes the conversion goals associated with your content strategy and allows you to better monitor and optimize your content KPIs to boost your content marketing endeavors.

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