Terminus to Incorporate Salesforce Platform

Terminus, a major provider of Account Based Marketing (ABM) platform, on 7th May 2019 announced its new integration into Salesforce, which will enable customers to bring data related to account, contact & campaign into the Terminus account hub. The data can then be unified with third party intent & signal data in order to be further analyzed to identify & segment the most suitable accounts or rather the most engaged customers that show buying intent. The new Account & Opportunity Insights from Terminus can be availed in Salesforce Lightening Experience which when combined with Salesforce Pardot allows marketing & sales teams to prioritize & drive their efforts towards their best accounts & chief decision makers. Terminus is now fully equipped to visualize how their accounts are interacting through several points of contact. Eric Spett, CEO of the Terminus is excited about this integration with Salesforce & states that visualizing customer engagement & interactions at the account level will help the customers in client acquisition, expansion of their current programs as well as in incorporating the endeavors of their marketing & sales teams. Eric also emphasized that it is challenging for marketing & sales teams to analyze the customer intent data from multiple channels to discover their best buying prospects & hence this new Salesforce integration is the solution to their problems & will pave the path for them to visualize & map the engagement journeys of their potential buyers. The release of Terminus Account-based Platform has equipped the customers to spread-out the advantages from Salesforce Lightening & Pardot by means of the following methodologies:
  • Data at the account, contact, lead & campaign level can be integrated into Terminus Account Hub & combined with account level intent & firmographic insights as well as additional internal digital data of the customers like website traffic & ad indulgence.
  • Providing opportunities as insights for the accounts in salesforce allows envisioning how the account must have interacted with influencers (known & anonymous) & trended over a period of time.
  • Leveraging email & website activity in Salesforce Pardot encompasses the engagement viewed across various points of contact in marketing to paid digital advertising campaigns.
  • Bridging the gap between sales & marketing endeavors allows marketers to improve customer engagement & optimize their Return on Investment (ROI).

About Terminus:

Founded in 2014, Terminus is a pioneer in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), & helps B2B customers in measuring scalable account based initiatives that drive quality growth. It has numerous B2B clients including Salesforce, GE, Verizon, 3M & CA Technologies. It provides expert technical solutions for marketing & sales departments of its customers so as to help them optimize their revenue.

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