Twitter’s Blue Tick verification system gone wrong?

The Blue Bird and Its Blue Tick Has Twitter’s verification system gone wrong

Elon Musk never shies away from publicity and posting his views on the micro-blogging platform. And this time, he has clarified that users would no longer be enjoying the ‘blue ticks.’ The billionaire tweeted, “Legacy blue checks will be removed soon. Those are the ones that are truly corrupt.”

The striking fact here is that Musk himself got the blue tick because he was a well-known figure and a tech industry giant. Back in the day, before Twitter changed ownership, it gave blue ticks or verified accounts only to those people who were prominent personalities in any field.

Twitter Blue

In 2023, Musk mandated that only those individuals who subscribed to Twitter Blue would get a blue tick on their profile, and the rest others would lose it. However, it is still being determined when that will happen.

According to the new plan, anyone willing to spend money on the Twitter Blue subscription can get the blue tick verification on their accounts. There are two plans – one for Android and iPhone users and the other for web users.

Musk also urged the people to support him as he has had a lot on his plate of late. He had to save Twitter from going bankrupt and perform his duties towards Tesla and SpaceX. He believes Twitter still has much to achieve and seeks public support for its future breakthroughs.

Shruti Sinha
Shruti Sinha
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