The Launch of Audio and Video Calling on X: Elon Reacts

The Launch of Audio and Video Calling on X: Elon Reacts

Elon Musk is making waves with the introduction of audio and video calling features on X, formerly known as Twitter, as part of his vision to transform the platform into an all-encompassing “everything app.” 

Following the acquisition of Twitter in a groundbreaking $44 billion deal, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has been on a relentless mission to redefine the platform, now rebranded as ‘X.’ In a recent development on October 26, Musk took to Twitter to share a teaser, stating, “Early version of video & audio calling on 𝕏.” 

The screenshot he posted revealed options for enabling voice and video calls with contacts from users’ address books, all verified users, and accounts they follow on the platform.

Crypto Community React to X’s New Audio and Video Calling Features

The announcement of these new features generated significant excitement among users, who responded with memes and comments such as, “This is fantastic… X is truly pushing the boundaries… now we’re proud of X.” Some users also shared screenshots, indicating that this feature may currently be available only to users in the United States. 

This isn’t the first time that Tesla, as the owner of X, has tantalized users of the micro-blogging platform with the promise of audio and video calling features on X. In August 2023, Musk revealed that the X team was actively working on rolling out new features as part of the platform’s rebranding efforts. These new capabilities will allow users to engage in audio and video calls without the need to exchange phone numbers. 

Recent teasers have ignited enthusiasm among X users, with many eagerly anticipating this upcoming feature that promises to make X an even more dynamic and exciting platform.

Continual Transformations with X 

Since coming under Elon Musk’s ownership, X has undergone a series of transformations. Earlier this month, X initiated trials for a $1-per-year subscription fee for new web-based accounts, giving users the ability to post and interact on the micro-blogging site. Musk described this new “Not a Bot” feature as a measure to combat spam, automated bot accounts, and manipulation of the platform’s services. Currently, this feature is being tested among users in New Zealand and the Philippines. 

Furthermore, following the acquisition of Twitter in the $44 billion deal, X is in a state of continuous evolution, with Musk’s ambition to mold the platform into an “everything app.” The ongoing developments continue to keep users intrigued and eager to discover what’s next for Twitter, now reborn as X. 

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