The Return of Mumbrella’s B2B Marketing Summit


The Mumbrella’s B2B Marketing Summit, after an action-packed first year, is all set to reoccur later this year on September 5, 2019, at Sydney.

The summit will have IBM Watson’s marketing research program director & evangelist, Loren McDonald, who will
deliver a presentation detailing ways to leverage artificial intelligence, to capture & derive meaningful insights from data to help the B2B industry.  His presentation will be titled ‘Staying ahead of B2B marketing: Email marketing, automation and the impact of AI’, and will encompass the best digital marketing practices for B2B marketers. Challenges faced by the industry will also be covered. This special keynote from Loren is expected to be the highlight of the summit.

Apart from Loren, presentations from delegates like Marina Holmes (Communications Director, Xero) & David Halter (Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director, CHE Proximity) will also add to the enticement of B2B marketers.

Marina will be giving a presentation on the topic: ‘Starting From Xero: How to Build a Successful B2B Content Strategy’, in which she will unveil the anatomy of a well-tailored content machine which includes a content strategy that is aligned with the interest of the buyer persona & the use of technology for measuring the success of a content strategy to harness the benefits of personalized content in the B2B industry.

David’s presentation, on the other hand, will focus on how to integrate data from various sources & leverage it to boost the interest of a buyer persona. During the session, the popular award-winning industry CHE Proximity will share some insights on the behavioral analysis of buyer persona & how to use it to deliver a meaningful experience to them. The presentation will be titled: ‘How to Integrate Data and Creativity to Deliver Results for B2B’.

The fact that more speakers will be participating in the summit this year, reflects how exponentially the B2B industry has grown & how there are more challenges for the marketers.

The B2B marketers from different platforms and with diverse expertise, ranging from digital to social & CX to EDMs, will gather on one stage to discuss & strategize the ways to handle the hurdles in their businesses, so as to conquer them.

About Mumbrella:

Mumbrella is an Australian news website focused on Marketing, PR & media industry. It was found on 9 December 2008 & expanded to Asia in 2013 (under the name Mumbrella Asia). It started as an email newsletter & by 2012 evolved into a full-fledged news website. They sponsor several awards & events related to the media & marketing industry.

About IBM Watson:

IBM Watson is a suite of enterprise-ready IBM services, by IBM. It helps organizations with predictive analytics by leveraging data based on the behavioral & research patterns of potential buyers. It was founded in 2014 & focuses on building precognitive marketing strategies by deploying machine learning & AI.

About Xero:

Xero is an Australian Software Company, founded in 2006, which targets small to medium-sized businesses & offers them cloud-based accounting solution platforms which are based on Software as a Service (SAAS) model.

About CHE Proximity:

CHE proximity is an Australian advertising agency, founded in 1987. They are experts in devising impactful digital marketing solutions for their clients so as to help them boost their revenue with better customer experience & greater conversions.

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