Triblio – Bombora Partnership: The Next ABM Evolution

Triblio, the award-winning Account Based Marketing platform has announced their partnership with the leading B2B intent data provider, Bombora. This is an exciting partnership that will involve tight integrations between their products and will provide Triblio customers with an excellent ABM solution that essentially integrates with intent capabilities. The Triblio platform combined with AI-powered Purchase Intent Scoring will process both third-party interest data along with existing signals so as to identify accounts that have a propensity to make a purchase. Working from within 2.8 million businesses, Bombora measures interest levels for more than 4,000 products and services. Any increase in content consumption for certain topics indicate that a company is conducting research prior to buying and, hence, is more likely to be accessible to sales and marketing outreach. As per a statement made by Andre Yee, Chief Executive Officer of Triblio, prior to this partnership, Triblio’s ABM customers were able to identify accounts that had purchase interest based on the interaction the prospect had on their website. This is first-party intent and research conducted by Triblio shows these interactions have certain patterns that provide strong indicators of buying interest. Nevertheless, in this increasingly competitive business environment, marketers are pressured to identify prospective purchase activity as close to the initial point of interest as possible. This is where third-party intent data from Bombora becomes vital. The complimentary first-party interest data provided by Triblio tracks content consumption on a business’s personal website and delivers visitor insights account by account. According to Mike Burton, Co-Founder of Bombora, “B2B buyers have long purchase journeys and research cycles, so it’s important for marketers to understand which of their target accounts are on the path to purchase, and how far along they are.” Along with legitimate third-party signals there is a fair amount of noise that comes with it and this is the challenge with third-party intent data. Some experts talk about third-party intent as third-party interest and these signals are too early to be taken as definitive purchase intent. They are more of an initial interest on a category-related topic. Nonetheless, Triblio discovered that when this third-party data is used in combination with their ABM platform, marketers are able to execute campaigns that are intent-based and are able to drive higher levels of engagement, at an earlier stage in the prospect’s buying journey. This is why Triblio considers this strategic partnership to be so noteworthy. With Bombora and Triblio working together in harmony, a powerful tool gets placed in the hands of thoughtful, innovative marketers. Andre Yee says that this is just one in a series of exciting forthcoming announcements from Triblio, so they’re just getting started on what he claims will be a very exciting time for the industry. About Bombora Founded in 2014, Bombora is the leading intent data provider for B2B marketers. Their data helps in marketing and sales team alignment, which enables them to base their actions on the knowledge of which companies are searching for which products in the market. About Triblio Founded in 2013, Triblio’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform organizes marketing and sales campaigns for every stage of the buying journey. Using a single platform, Triblio is able to combine account-based advertising, web personalization, and sales activation features in order to orchestrate campaigns across various channels.

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