Visiqua to Acquire ROI Verify

Visiqua to Acquire ROI Verify

On the 25th of January 2021, Visiqua, a leading digital marketing agency announced the acquisition of ROI Verify, a company focused on improving the quality of leads, conversion rates, and net revenue by leveraging technological innovations to develop the futuristic tech products that deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and latest data-driven insights.

Visiqua and ROI Verify have collaborated on multiple projects over the years and this acquisition a step towards consolidating the unified vision and collective goals of the two companies.

The product-based solutions from ROI Verify primarily include call bots, voice assistants, and allied integrations such as Google Home and Alexa. Recently, there also has been the addition of RCS messaging, which is the next generation SMS technology.

Post the acquisition of ROI Verify, Visiqua will be rebranded as Visiqua Innovation Labs – a technology-driven lab meant to test the latest ideas and restructure them into futuristic products.

Jamie Sutton, CRO, Visiqua, said, “Visiqua strives to deliver quality results for our clients based on the tools of today while keeping an eye on the future and the innovations that will take us there. ROI Verify shares that passion for evolution, and we couldn’t be happier to bring these two companies together.” 

Leo Medina, CEO of ROI Verify seemed excited talking of the untapped opportunities that the two companies can explore together to make the most of the opportunities and the challenges that their industry poses. He accentuated that ROI Verify has been developing products and technology for many clients within the lead generation space and in Visiqua they found a company that was most reasonable with their vision & future possibilities.

A culture of innovation runs deep in the DNA of Visiqua, and the company successfully developed two award-winning platforms in 2020. The work of Visiqua Innovation Labs will amplify the production of groundbreaking products already in progress. Visiqua Innovation Labs strives to move the performance of the marketing & lead generation industry to new heights in terms of technology, innovation & results.

David Walsh, President of Visiqua describes the acquisition of ROI Verify as another step in the evolution of Visiqua.

He added that their company has continued to grow and provide quality results across calls, clicks, and web leads. He seemed thrilled over the acquisition of ROI Verify which he believes will revolutionize the industry. He expectantly added that having an incubator will enable Visiqua to test and develop technologies that weren’t yet available in the performance marketing ecosphere.

About Visiqua

Visiqua is a part of Boulder Heavy Industries delivering results through digital marketing. The company has a holistic approach to client initiatives including leveraging calls, traffic, and data in a way that provides tailored solutions to the problems of their customers. The company crafted its innate tech-stack and coupled it with propriety algorithms to best address the pain-points of their customers.

About ROI Verify

ROI Verify is an Information Technology and Services company headquartered in Houston, TX that provides its customers with solutions to improve the ROI of their lead generation endeavors by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company designs and deploys the latest technologies for improving the quality of leads, conversions and to help their clients accomplish their net revenue goals.

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