Vizetto Inc. Announces Integration with Microsoft OneDrive

Vizetto Inc. Announces Integration with Microsoft One Drive


  • The integration with Microsoft OneDrive will be the new feature of Reactive SUITE.
  • The new feature will enable the access of content easily and immediately.
  • The decision of integration was processed on customers’ requests for easy access to corporate cloud repositories.

Recently, Vizetto Inc. has announced the integration of Microsoft OneDrive. The integration will be a new feature of Reactiv SUITE. This will enable the users to secure and easy access to all the files and content when they log in to their Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) operating Reactiv SUITE.

For those who are not aware of Reactiv SUITE, it is a set of software products designed to make hybrid meetings engaging. The software will enable the presenter to share their content in a non-linear fashion, seamlessly present content and media, and engage in discussions with remote participants to provide an entertaining experience.

Reactiv SUITE will leverage Microsoft’s Graph API to provide a uniform experience for presenters. The integration will enable the presenter to access the content quickly and easily for their audience. Also, once the presenter has logged out of IWB, their content will remain securely saved at the originating OneDrive platform and will be deleted from IWB’s cache.

The integration of OneDrive to Reactiv SUITE was done post customer requests for easy access to their corporate cloud repositories. In this regard, the Founder and CEO of Av Utukuri announced that “We continue to add features and benefits that our customers request in our ongoing effort to ensure the best user experience for on-premise and remote meeting spaces.” Further, the CEO also added that “Reactiv SUITE for IWB is a premium meeting product that helps presenters engage with meeting attendees to make their meetings memorable.”

Vizetto Inc. has been changing the way of communication, globally. And in a time like a pandemic, significant changes have been witnessed in work culture leading to the adoption of hybrid meeting tools such as Reactiv SUITE for the conference, education, and meeting for the seamless remote experience.

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