ZoomInfo Goes Mobile to Amass B2B Data Intelligence

On the 21st of January 2020, ZoomInfo announced the launch of two new mobile apps to amass information that will allow marketers to delve into the information regarding their prospects from anywhere, leveraging B2B data intelligence. ZoomInfo’s mobile apps for iOS as well as for Android have been designed to work both as community & premium applications. The B2B marketers using the application will be empowered to stay connected to their market whether they are on-site, in the field, or on the move. ZoomInfo is the global leader in providing go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions. With the launch of the mobile applications in both free & premium versions, named CommunitieZ Go and ZoomInfo Mobile respectively, ZoomInfo has taken a leap to upkeep its customer base both at community & enterprise level.  Both the mobile applications allow the marketers to instantly access the data pertaining to their key customers & prospects and allow them to dig up the information they need to manage their deals, from just about anywhere. The premium users have added benefits. ZoomInfo Mobile not just arranges for the newsfeed alerts in real-time but also scales up the B2B intelligence parameter that marketers have access to, transcending it beyond the ideal demographics & firmographic data-points. Moreover, the marketers can also make a call promptly & keep a track record of whether they are on-site, in the field or traveling. According to Henry Schuck, Founder & CEO of ZoomInfo, most of the modern B2B professionals use mobile. They not just need to stay in constant touch with each other but also must contact the right customers at the right time to never miss on a sales opportunity.
Henry also added that true mobility empowers marketers to be resourceful & proactive to never miss on an opportunity & that ZoomInfo’s new unique mobile apps will get marketers ready to help customers in real-time through access to customers’ actionable data.
The on-the-go data intelligence platform by ZoomInfo is a repository of valuable & precise data pertaining to the customers & it is continuously updated. With the mobile app, marketers can easily have access to the following details:
  • The direct-dial phone numbers & email addresses of their customers
  • Descriptions of several companies & a list of employees working with the company
  • The account funding history of the targeted companies can be reviewed
  • The marketers can check the social pages of their key contacts & accounts, dive into the firmographic details of their target customers & selected accounts
  • The data can be accessed in real-time, no matter wherever your customers are
ZoomInfo also has Prospecting & Outreach Assistant that’s always with marketers. The fact that ZoomInfo’s Mobile App delivers the information at any time of the day to accelerate prospecting & outreach of the customers is an added advantage for the marketers. They can access accurate information about their customers at any time & act on the real-time data points even when they are in a mobile state to make the most of their customer targeting & sales endeavors.

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a computer software company founded in the year 2000 that specializes in sales intelligence, contact data, prospecting, marketing intelligence, lead generation, business contacts, Account-Based Marketing, Data Accuracy & Database Hygiene. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, ZoomInfo has combined an innovative suite of software tools to empower go-to-market organizations with well-researched, precise & high-quality data. ZoomInfo was acquired by DiscoverOrg in February 2019 & the two giants have revolutionized the pursuit of insight-driven marketing by including actionable & accurate data-points in real-time. The organization has over 15,000 customers & 120,000 solicited users across the globe. Cumulatively, DiscoverOrg & ZoomInfo were placed among the Top 100 Software Product manufacturers providing Top 10 Best Products for Sales by G2Crowd in the year 2019.

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