Top 5 proven B2B Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

B2B marketing strategies for business
The modern B2B landscape is majorly buyer-centric. Buyers like to have complete sovereignty in the methods they research about the potential solutions to their problems through specific products or services, engage with the pieces of content being delivered at various stages of their buying cycles & in ways they interact with the salespeople before they decide to close a business deal. Accordingly, the marketers need to strategize their B2B marketing strategies to optimize users’ experiences by delivering them with tailored pieces of content at each stage of their buying cycles. Optimized marketing strategies can be both a challenge as well as a simple task.  To bring high-quality traffic on their website, marketers need to craft their B2B marketing strategies for business growth keeping a pulsate of the present-day as well as future marketing trends.
According to new research from Gartner on B2B marketing strategies, in spite of the proliferation of digital access, 77% of B2B buyers feel that making a purchase is time-consuming as well as painful.
We have compiled the list of the top 5 proven B2B marketing strategies for businesses to optimize their lead generation & other bottom-lines:

1) Create & Share pieces of Content:

Over the years content marketing has emerged as an important marketing strategy as the interests of the B2B buyers in the pieces of content have risen. Enveloped with the data-driven insights, data-driven content helps businesses in deriving predictive insights & in improving the audience engagement to convert a larger number of prospects down the sales funnel. According to research by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of the B2B brands use content marketing as compared to 86% of B2C brands. Therefore, if you want to outrival with your marketing endeavors, consider documenting your marketing strategy; you should also test-run & optimize your marketing endeavors time & again. Brands can tailor their content marketing strategies to meet the requirements of their businesses & to meet their brand & business goals. The following is a list of three main content marketing areas that the brands can focus on:
  • Creating well-researched, niche-specific & SEO friendly pieces of content
  • Creating pieces of content for lead generation & running campaigns on social media channels to attract leads for their businesses
  • Developing targeted paid-ad campaigns, remarketing banners & landing pages to compel users to take action
  • Hosting webinars & podcasts are other important means by which marketers can attract prospects & drive audience engagement
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2) Understanding how your B2B marketing Strategies can help Modern Buyers:

The modern B2B buyers are largely millennials. With the expanding pursuit of digitization & the Internet of Things (IOTs), the ways buyers research & find B2B vendors have largely changed. According to a recent CMO survey by Gartner, 90% of the B2B buyers twist & turn through sales funnel, looping back & repeating at least one more task in the buyer’s journey. Having evolved from the conventional funnel structure, B2B buyers’ journey is now a looping, multi-person online journey that is full of twists & turns, wherein buyers research multiple times before concluding their buying decisions. According to Daniel David, Manager, Digital Corporate Communications at Fuji Xerox, “It is about stepping out of the traditional B2B mindset & seeing your customers as people who live within the digital space as ‘customers’ as well. That will open more ideas & doors for creativity & new practices.” Undoubtedly, businesses need to create tailored-digital experiences to guide their target audience groups through every stage of their buying cycles & help to retain them as lifelong customers.

3) Optimize your ABM (Account-Based Marketing) Endeavors:

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to sales & marketing that utilizes highly-targeted & personalized communication to win new businesses from a specific company (or an account). ABM targets specific companies in a bid to engage with key decision-makers and then, builds on that relationship to open up new sales opportunities in the future (also known as “land and expand”). The concept of Account-Based Marketing was pioneered by ITSMA in 2004 & now businesses are starting to realize the potential of delivering highly-personalized & relevant campaigns to their target audience groups. According to research from ITSMA, 87% of the marketers who measure the ROI from their ABM endeavors, state that ABM outperforms every other marketing investment. Moreover, researchers are of the view that investment made in ABM delivers either the same or higher ROI as compared to other marketing initiatives & thus, ABM is a zero-waste strategy. There are numerous benefits of ABM (Account-Based Marketing):
  • It helps drive closer alignment between sales & marketing
  • It helps marketers produce more revenue & enjoy greater brand awareness
  • It helps marketers make more money from each deal
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4) Video Marketing:

Videos have lately emerged as an effective marketing tactic & are being used by more marketers than ever. Marketers also are increasingly appreciating the significance of video content. As more businesses than ever before have turned to video marketing, the level of completion is also at a zenith. Businesses are under tremendous pressure to make themselves heard amidst the profound digital clutter. According to Wyzowl, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. The online audiences love video marketing & as such video marketing will continue to dominate the B2B marketing strategies meant for business growth. PPC ads & social media ads can be used to distribute videos. Learn more: 7 Best Practices for B2B Video Marketing

5) Conduct a Website Analysis & Review your Landing Page Optimization (LPO) options:

The website is one of the very important parts of attracting audiences. If you’re looking to employ at least one or many of the inbound methodologies as part of a marketing strategy to attract, engage with & convert your audience groups to buying prospects, you need to have a well-organized & clutter-free business website. The website & the landing pages must be frequently optimized to suffice the business requirements & keep the website engaging. The mobile-friendly test for the website needs to be run frequently. As mentioned by Amy Peet McNeil, the Automobile’s Head of Digital Marketing at Fiat Chrysler, in a blog post on Google: “Shoppers today are doing their research on mobile & making decisions before they ever walk onto a dealer lot…” Your website needs to be optimized & user-friendly to attract an increased number of buyers. Tools like Responsinator can be used to analyze how the website looks on all mobile devices.

Wrap Up

A sales funnel or customer-journey is the process the prospects undergo before becoming customers. As the research methodologies of the buyers have evolved, the businesses need to shape their B2B marketing strategies in such a way that they are headed towards educating the customers on their potential buying preferences. B2B products are usually expensive & buying is a complex process involving long sales cycles. The key in such a situation, is having an apt marketing strategy that is tweaked, tracked, multi-variably-tested, competitively benchmarked & optimized time & again to deliver a healthy ROI through proper pipeline management techniques. Valasys Media is focused on paving the way to snowballed marketing successes for B2B businesses. We help you generate high-quality & sales-ready leads & lead the path to your core bottom-line optimization with highly-tailored B2B services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services. Contact us for getting your customer profiling right & to benefit from our in-depth knowledge on triggering & optimizing buyer enablement, in alignment with your bottom-line objectives.

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