CoreMedia Content Cloud for Cross-Channel Content Management

CoreMedia Content Cloud
CoreMedia, on the 13th of January, 2020 introduced a B2B connector app to help brands create B2B content-experiences across diverse channels on the web. CoreMedia Content Cloud’s Commerce B2B Connector was built on Salesforce & is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

What is Coremedia Content Cloud?

CoreMedia Content Cloud enables businesses to deliver highly-personalized customer-experience across an array of digital channels. It is an agile platform & amongst the best-breeds of Content Management Solutions (CMSs) available in the market. The platform is more advanced than a CMS and more flexible than a closed DXP (Data Experience Platform). The platform acts as a collaborative Content Management Solution (CMS) and helps provide omnichannel experiences to the marketers, developers, as well as, merchandisers to drive engagement, improve loyalty, brand visibility & boost Return on Investment (ROI). The platform is more advanced than a Content Management System (CMS) & more flexible than a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) in the engaging category of enterprise software. Gartner introduced the CoreMedia Content Cloud during the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms with the following quotation:
“A cloud-first and API-led approach prevail because it gives organizations the advantage of a faster pace of innovation, greater scalability & agility.”


With the CoreMedia Content Cloud, one can seamlessly blend content with commerce for fast distribution across digital channels via the Commerce Hub. Moreover, the platform has pre-built integrations for all major eCommerce platforms including Salesforce, SAP, IBM, and Elastic Path & hence, can be quickly integrated with homegrown commerce.

What are the Benefits of Using CoreMedia Content Cloud for E-COMMERCE

The following are the key benefits of employing the CoreMedia CONTENT CLOUD in the B2B content strategy:
  • It creates iconic B2B experiences across channels & devices by leveraging  powerful & easy omnichannel content-creation & experience-orchestration
  • It allows marketers to centrally manage their omnichannel content & digital assets in CoreMedia Content Cloud, to re-use them in Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud – ensuring brand & messaging consistency across your website, mobile apps, push-notifications & newsletters
  • The flexible components in the CoreMedia Content Cloud allow marketers to enhance their B2B product catalogs available on the homepage of their websites including all category & the product detail pages with media-rich content & assets
  • As stories can be easily weaved around the products using the cross-content management platform, the marketers can create B2B experiences that match exemplary B2C experiences
  • The extensible architecture allows marketers to implement their own components that are perfect-fits to suit their requirements
  • The marketers can discover the best-of CMS solutions to closed digital-experience suites & incomplete headless content management platforms
  • Marketers can create & distribute powerful commerce-driven content on a global scale via a robust Java-based system, featuring open APIs
  • Marketers can launch dynamic, new digital-experiences instantly & efficiently across an increased number of channels, to build iconic brands having more flexibility
  • The flexible content management platform allows marketers to organize branded content & rich media centrally & in a single repository for reuse on any channel or device
  • The marketers can have complete autonomy over the experience of their customers & can access content & data from any source, to create & preview personalized-experiences from a single web-based UI
  • The omnichannel content-delivery system can be used to deliver any type of content & assets easily for a unified & consistent experience across all channels
  • The marketers can expand their eCommerce & marketing avenues and can seamlessly blend content with commerce for fast distribution across any digital-channel, via integration Hubs – with pre-built connectors
The objective of the B2B App for cross-channel content management as described by Sören Stamer, co-founder & CEO of CoreMedia is to help B2B brands “react to market trends instantly to stay ahead of the competition and become instantly recognizable iconic brands”.  The app will facilitate content-management, experience-control & the omnichannel delivery of company ads. About CoreMedia CoreMedia is the company behind Content Cloud. Headquartered in Hamburg Germany, the company specializes in web content management, Java CMS, Content Management, Best CMS for Commerce, Mobile Experience, Social Interaction, Contextual Engagement, Contextualization, Digital Experience, Business Agility, Online Customer Experience, e-Commerce, Experimental Commerce, DXP, Cloud & Digital Asset Management. The company boasts of delivering measurable results for the world’s biggest brands & of having helped marketers achieve outstanding records of customer successes. They term themselves as pioneers & artisans who take the marketing endeavors of their clients to new heights.

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