How CRM Solutions Can Future-Proof Customer Experience Management

CRM solutions can future proof customer experience management

The traditional way of measuring and optimizing customer experience was majorly confined to the analysis of the customer sentiment data. The outbreak of the pandemic crisis changed the conventional ways of customer experience management (CXM).

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As we transition to the new normal, CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management framework by empowering your remote workforce and making it easier for the customers to access their crucial data.

CRM and collaboration tools have evolved as  ultimate enablers allowing businesses to be truly customer-focused, by serving them with products or services that resonate with their pain-points in times of crisis. You can deploy CRM solutions to future-proof customer experience management and provide your customers with seamless experiences during the new normal with strong conviction, courage, perseverance, and flexibility.

Philip Mayling, founder and managing director of BuddyCRM, accentuates, “evolution not revolution is key in future-proofing your CRM system.”

Mayling says, “Covid-19 has shown us that things can change in an instant, including business models. By investing in a CRM with no restrictions, SMEs are in the position to evolve their own use of the platform as they adapt to business change.”

An excellent example of how CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management during the new normal has been provided by Salesforce. Salesforce recently introduced its AI-driven Analytics Cloud – Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Salesforce Einstein allows you to rev up your CRM system, makes artificial intelligence accessible for everyone, and contextualizes customer data to provide customers with seamless experiences.

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In the long and short of it, customer-centricity is more important than ever before during the new normal, and therefore, leveraging evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks.

In this blog, we explain how evolving CRM solutions act as overarching umbrellas to strengthen your customer experience management frameworks and help you optimize customers’ experiences, and scale-up your business bottom-lines.

Let’s delve into the details:

1. CRM Solutions Enable the Unification of Customer-Data

Leveraging evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks, as all the departments within the company have access to the customer data. As customer data is not department-centric, all the departments have access to customers’ data. They all can process the data in real-time or use the data points in diverse other ways as and when required. This helps in providing customers with seamless experiences across multiple channels.

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Evolving CRMs along with several collaboration tools put the customers first and are the ultimate enablers. They help all the departments to access the type of data they want to speak to the customers in a hyper-personalized tone. Also, the departments can collaborate as and when required as there is no concept of silos in customer data management.

Evolving CRM solutions consider the needs of all departments, as well as make the inter-departmental cross-functionality easier. Thus, leveraging evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks, as these solutions aren’t biased towards specific departments such as sales, marketing, or IT departments and promote collaboration and transparency in terms of handling and the processing of customers’ data. All these steps lead to optimized customers’ experiences and promote customer loyalty.

2. CRM Solutions Assist Remote Workforce Management

Effective CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks by improving remote working environments for all the departments including sales, marketing, production, engineering, finance, and customer service.

Amidst the transit to the new normal, remote work is the future. Sales teams across the globe have moved towards increased remote working capabilities, and remote workforce management isn’t an easy feast.

CRM solutions allow inter-departmental collaboration and keep the concept of a workforce community intact. Working as a community brings about organizational alignment and boosts creativity, productivity, and ultimately the revenue goals for the organization.

CRM solutions allow the managers to effectively communicate with their remote staff, and conduct team meetings, as well as individual one-on-one sessions. CRM solutions also facilitate operational alignment by centralizing work and minimizing system overlaps. As CRM solutions allow teams to collaborate, team members can define and agree upon standard business definitions and business jargons. CRMs also help in managing permissions to the access of critical information.

Native CRM integrations empower your sales teams with self-servicing capabilities and thus, leveraging CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks. For example, integration between your email marketing endeavors and CRM, fuels sales as more people are engaged, and more data is collected about the relevant prospects. Moreover, such integrations also reduce the workload of your IT team.

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Thus, evolving CRM solutions effectively address all your remote work needs so that your customers’ experiences are not hampered.

3. CRM systems with AI integration are Meant for Driving Better Customer Experience and Elevating Business Profitability

Evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks as they not only help in attracting and retaining your buying-prospects, and customers but also simultaneously assist in servicing the customers. Evolving CRM solutions can be integrated with an array of business applications. Such integrations are intuitive and drive better customer and user experiences. Consequently, such solutions are popular among both millennials and Gen-Zers and lead to increased business profitability.

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AI-integrated smart CRMs contextualize customers’ data and allow businesses to comprehend customer priorities and accordingly orchestrate their strategy to uplift customers’ experiences and improve their relationships with the customers.

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AI-integrated smart CRMs are intelligent and can give marketers useful insights into the tasks materialized in relationship building with a particular customer and allows them to deduce how those insights can serve as examples for building relationships with other customers having similar profiles.

Thus, evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks by offering a holistic customer experience that imparts value to your organization. The cost of customer acquisition is significantly reduced and customer retention is improved.

4. Evolving CRM solutions are Adaptable to the Dynamic Demands of Business

Every business is different and there cannot be a single CRM that works for everyone. Businesses that choose a CRM solution that has the ability to cope up with the dynamic demands of their business models, ensure that they develop an ecosystem to match the changing customer expectations around them.

Thus, evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management, and the current technology trends substantiate that the marketplace is welcoming such shiny CRM solutions to address diverse business challenges while transiting to the new normal.

5. Evolving CRM Solutions Allow You to Understand Your Customers Better

Leveraging evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management, as you have the complete view of your customers and their individual stages in the buying cycles. Modern CRM solutions allow you and your teams to access accurate details about your customers at the right time.

As you understand your customers better, you can precisely address their pain-points. This helps in optimizing customers’ experiences and helps you in scaling-up your revenue goals.

Leveraging evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks, as the interactive component of your business is always lively. As you communicate with your customers in real-time with the help of data, you can deliver them with hyper-tailored solutions to move them to the next stage of their respective buying cycles.

Being proactive and pivoting quickly is very important in customer service and helps in optimizing customers’ experiences, especially at the time of the current crisis when business models are changing instantly. In such a scenario keeping customers abreast of the latest developments and showing them empathy becomes paramount.

Wrapping Things Up

Modern evolving CRM solutions can future-proof customer experience management frameworks, as they are capable of analyzing customers’ data in real-time and making predictive recommendations for optimizing the experience of individual customers.

According to Jamie Brighton, director of product marketing EMEA at Adobe, “organisations need to ensure they have rich, unified customer profiles that track the explicit preferences of their customers in the context of their actions and behaviours, and, crucially, how they change over time.”

Jamie suggests, “companies should view CRM as a component of Customer Experience Management — or CXM –technology, and as a critical part of the overall customer experience, which in turn has a fundamental role in the overall success of their business.”

Now is the right time for businesses to invest in intelligent CRM solutions to take advantage of technology to optimize customers’ experiences and to retain customers in the crucial environment of transitioning to the new normal.

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