FORCAS’ Next-Gen Scenario-based Account Analytics Platform Unveiled

On the 10th of September 2019, B2B marketing platform provider FORCAS USA, LLC (“FORCAS”) unveiled a collaborative platform to equip the marketers with scenario-based targeting. The next-generation analytics platform leveraging the “Scenario-Based- Analytics” will target a wide array of customers from the global SaaS companies to the giant Japanese organizations across the globe. InsideView & Kyndi will supplement the endeavors of FORCAS as the first partner & test user respectively. The analytics platform will enable the actionable insights for the end-users based on the scenario-specific analytics. Scenarios will act as the connecting bridge between the needs of the prospects & their conversions into the key accounts for the brands. FORCAS aims to create a comprehensive digital environment where great services can be swiftly delivered to the customers when they need it. With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & the principles of Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP), the use of third-party data such as Intent-data has considerably increased, only to add more meaning to the insights gathered by the B2B marketers. The increase in the magnitude of data has made sure that more & more B2B companies benefit from the data-driven insights being enabled by the compounding of diverse platforms for amalgamation of data & bridging together of those platforms as an integrated unit – often in association with a marketing automation platform. The new analytics platform by FORCAS will enable marketers to drive Sales by defining & prioritizing the target accounts unambiguously. By feeding the data about the existing customers, users can gain the most relevant & automatically integrated scenarios. By coming across the diverse scenarios the end-users can delineate which accounts will be the best-fits to benefit from their services. Targeting of the ideal customers lies at the heart of any successful B2B marketing endeavor. Segmenting the market into several niches & niche-specific targeting of the prospects is just one approach. To add to the specificity of targeting, the marketers coalesce data from the website analytics with the data from the third-party intent sources. This helps the marketers in segmenting the audiences into specific clusters. The audiences belonging to a particular cluster can further be sub-divided into several sub-clusters. Having a scenario-based analytics platform will ensure that the audiences’ convert better as the marketing & the sales teams aligns themselves towards a holistic customer-centric approach to optimize the businesses’ ROI & help the businesses bolster. The partnership between FORCAS, InsideView & Kyndi will ensure that actionable target lists are created for the marketers to attract, engage & convert their buyer personas. After the initial split-testing of the platform in the Japanese market, FORCAS now aims to expand its innovative streak to the US market. Based on the feedback gathered from the end-users, FORCAS will be continuously improving the targeting algorithms for the platform to optimize the end-users’ experience & leverage the targeting platform as a comprehensive marketing solution. Tracy Eiler, CMO, InsideView, expressed her glee & enthrall for the platform as well as for partnering with FORCAS. He affirmed her belief that Scenario-Based-Analytics will provide companies with all the imperative actionable insights about the target accounts. She also iterated that the platform will be beneficial for precise collection of data & for sharing data about target accounts & prospects; thereby aiding to the Sales & Marketing alignment. Amy Guarino, COO of Kyndi stated that the FORCAS solutions will aid to Go to Market Strategy peopled by Kyndi.  She further added that she felt confident that the tool by FORCAS will help them in comprehending their prospects better. Thus, the prospects can be better targeted by impactful story-telling which would suffice their pain-points or actual queries. The Scenario-Based-Analytics Platform by FORCAS will co-create & co-relate the specific scenarios with the users to generate actionable insights. Scenarios are digital signals that are amassed, co-integrated with diverse data-points gathered from first & third-party data & help in establishing why or “if-at-all” certain customers are inclined towards specific products. Evidently, it can be deduced that analyzing scenarios aids to convert the “needs” of the prospective customer to the actual “accounts”. About FORCAS USA, LLC Founded in the year 2019, the company is headquartering in San Fransisco, California. The company was initially founded under the UzaBase Group as a B2B marketing platform, targeting a wide array of customers from global SaaS companies to gigantic Japanese enterprises. The company envisions the mission named “Co-Creating the B2B Marketing of Tomorrow”. About InsideView Technologies, Inc. InsideView empowers the B2B business leader to quickly make the crucial marketing decisions on the go.  Businesses tune in to InsideView to identify untapped potential markets, align their sales & marketing endeavors & ultimately to optimize their core bottom-line endeavors such as the anticipated revenue growth. Founded in the year 2005, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, California & has its own Targeting Intelligence Platform which delivers relevant & reliable data to help B2B companies across the globe with data-driven decision making. The company propagates the philosophy “PLAN. EXECUTE. WIN”. The company specializes in sales intelligence, sales 2.0, CRM Intelligence, Social Selling, Prospecting, Go-to-Market, Targeting, Account-based Marketing & Lead Generation. About Kyndi Founded in the year 2014, the company is headquartered at San Mateo, California & specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Enterprise Software, Big Data, & Quantum Computing. They offer auditable AI systems to businesses to transform their conventionally regulated business processes.

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