Why Use Google Discovery Ads for B2B Business Scaling


Google recently announced the global roll-out of its Google discovery ads. Marketers will be able to use Google discovery ads for B2B business scaling and the strategy will help them to optimize their top of funnel lead generation endeavors and underlying revenue.

The cost of amassing top of funnel leads is constantly surging on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Within such a situation, by using Google discovery ads for B2B business scaling you can show your ads on the top of mobile home pages of Google users. With proper planning, Google discovery ads can boost your retargeting endeavors.

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Besides, appearing in Google’s ‘Discover’ feed for mobile users, using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling, extends the outreach of your business to platforms such as YouTube (where they will be displayed in the home feed), and on Gmail (where they will be displayed in the promotions tab).

Discovery ads were first introduced in the year 2019, and its latest version was announced on 14th May 2020 and as of June 2020 are now available across all platforms.

Google Discovery ads have changed the way our adorable mobile home pages used to look like, for good and have been designed to help users discover products well before they could start researching about them. The targeting is based on the behavioral insights of the audiences and their browsing habits across the Google universe.

According to a recent Ipsos study by Google, 76% of customers enjoy making unexpected discoveries while shopping, and 85% of them take a product-oriented action within 24 hours of discovery.

Google Discovery ads have already started getting positive responses from both media buyers and brands because of their splendid creative appearances, widespread reach across hundreds of millions of potential users, and awesome results because of Google’s understanding and leveraging of intent data in ad campaigns.

Amy Bishop, Owner of Cultivative Marketing states, “Our CPLs were around 25%  less than that of our other display and YouTube campaigns.”

So, you can use Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling by boosting your cross-platform advertising endeavors. We have compiled 5 ways in which using Google discover ads for B2B business scaling can help you strengthen your full-funnel strategy, and optimize your revenue goals:

1. Google Discovery ads help you deliver immersive and interactive shopping experience to the prospects

Besides, using the Display, Shopping, and YouTube, Google Discovery advertisers will be able to showcase a single image of their products or services or multiple images in a carousel format that can be swiped by the prospects. Thus, using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling will allow advertisers to show prospects of tangible images and tell visual stories about their products or services.

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Leveraging Google Discovery ads will allow advertisers to deliver an immersive and interactive experience to their prospects so that they can tell a compelling brand story based on prospects’ intent data to attract, engage and convert an increased number of qualified prospects. Besides, using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling allows marketers to benefit from better audience targeting and greater reach.

2. Google’s Machine Learning Algorithms Allow Marketers to Serve Best Combination of Descriptions, Headlines, and Image Creatives to your Prospects

Using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling will allow advertisers to reach a landing page URL, with at least one image, one logo, and up to 5 headlines and 5 descriptions.

Google is endeavoring automation of the ad optimization process for the advertisers. The best part is that the machine learning algorithms by Google will allow advertisers to improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of their ad campaigns. The marketers will be able to reach the most relevant prospects with a relevant message, and thus will be able to use Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling, while ensuring that the privacy rights of the prospects are safeguarded under all circumstances.

Unlike other Google ad campaigns, advertisers wouldn’t be able to use, change, or manage the following settings while using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling:

  • Manual Bidding Strategies
  • Delivery Method
  • Device Targeting
  • Placement Targeting, and exclusions
  • Frequency Capping
  • Ad rotation
  • Contextual Targeting

However, much like other Google ad campaigns, Google Discovery ads operate on a “set it and forget it” mechanism, giving Google the autonomy to run the ad.

3. The Discovery Platform will Not Only Increase the Reach of Your Campaigns but also Ensure that Discover Ads become pretty Mainstream & Impactful

Using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling provides a great opportunity for advertisers, as the Discover platform has all the unique features to make the Discover ads an important ad format.

Google Discovery ads will equip Google to monetize Google Discover. Google Discover had replaced, Google Feed in 2019.

The introduction of Discover was primarily aimed at sufficing three fundamental shifts in the users’ search behavior:

  1. An increased inclination towards providing customers with seamless experiences all along their journeys, as just providing the customers with the answers to their queries wasn’t enough.
  2. The trend to focus on providing the users with visually appealing experiences over just focusing on enhancing the text-based experiences earlier.
  3. Users will be served with the pieces of content, tailored to their intent. Furthermore, they will have the power to toggle a more/less ticker if a piece of content isn’t relevant to them.

The Discover platform has a global reach of 800 million users within merely 6 months of its launch, and thus using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling will allow advertisers to tap into the entirely new pool of prospects to optimize ad targeting endeavors and underlying revenues.

4. Google Discovery ads are up for Multi-channel placements, extending their Reach Even Further

Beyond, Discover’s global user base of 800 million, marketers will be able to use Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling by running these ads on the mobile newsfeed on YouTube, and in the social, and promotional tabs on Gmail.

The use of the native Google Discovery ads in feed with YouTube will allow advertisers to have an additional CTA banner on the top of their image, headline, and description. Thus, using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling will allow marketers to extend the reach of their ad campaigns to the untapped pools of prospects.

5. Marketers Can Rely on Google for Advanced Audience Targeting Features

Marketers using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling will need to run a Discovery campaign. After selecting the campaign type, the marketers will need to upload and input their creativity, and thereafter, Google takes care of the optimization and delivery of your content across multiple channels or placements.

The advertisers running Google Discovery ads can avail the same audience targeting features that are traditionally available for the Google Display ad campaigns, including in-market, interest, and newly congealed custom audiences.

Thus, using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling allows marketers to leverage the impactful audience targeting features by Google, and thus, empowers them to tell visual brand stories to fuel their brand awareness endeavors.

Wrapping Things Up

While using Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling, marketers should measure the performance of their campaigns across diverse device platforms. This can be an essential hack for them to optimize their cost-per-conversion, and maximize the results of their ad campaigns.

Using some of the best performing images or carousel ads from the social media platforms while running Google Discovery ads for B2B business scaling, will help marketers attract the maximum number of top-of-the-funnel audiences.

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