B2B marketing is all about the inbound practices to improve customer experiences (CX) & ultimately provide the customers with apt products or services resonating with their pain-points. Email marketing has always been the cornerstone of the B2B lead generation endeavors & remains amongst the evergreen marketing practices that help to establish first contact with a B2B lead over email.

According to HubSpot, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is astounding 3,800% ROI for $1 spent, amounting to an astounding 3,800% ROI making it one of the most effective marketing tools available to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email.

Furthermore, emails are used by 93% of marketers to distribute content.

Email marketing can do much more than just delivering messages to the inboxes & helping marketers improve their B2B outreach. The credibility of email marketing extends beyond just lead generation to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email, for the sales conversions to expedite.

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Ways to Establish Trust at First Contact with A B2B Lead over Email

According to a study from Marketing Sherpa, the primary reason people unsubscribe from or stop reading emails is the lack of relevant content.

If contacts are provided with relevant & useful pieces of content, they will read emails every time & also in several ways this act is a reflection of strong brand equity which compels prospective buyers to put their trust in the products & services being leveraged by the brands, & to attract, engage with & convert the prospective buyers. Thus, the core bottom-line endeavors of the brands such as optimization of the sales revenue & customers’ experiences are accomplished.

To establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email, the marketers can leverage the following methods:

1. Building Trust with Personalized Content:

According to a report from Marketing Land, personalized email deliver 6X higher transaction rates, however, 70% of the brands fail to use them.

B2B buyers despise irrelevance & hence, tailored & niche-specific pieces of content resonating with areas of interest of the users toestablish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over emailpays off as the requisite elements including personalization, social integration, mobile & customer preferences are all optimized when a personalized content is delivered over an email.

According to Experian, personalized promotional emails had 29% higher & unique open rates & 41% higher unique click rates. Moreover, for triggered email campaigns personalization generates double the transaction rates than non-personalized & triggered emails.

2. Educate People About Market Trends: Use the Newsletters:

Email marketing can be an effective way to educate your potential buyers about the relevant trends within their niches. Marketers can use newsletters to send weekly or daily updates to the prospective & existing customers.

Not only sending relevant & informative pieces of content sparks confidence in the prospects but also instills in them a sense of trust with positively influences brand resonance & drives sales.

Projective yourself as the Subject Matter Experts (SME) is an effective strategy to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email.

3. Resolve the Pain-Points of the Customers using Personalized Content:

Leveraging well-tailored pieces of content resonating with the pain-points of the customers, helps brands in expediting the sales conversions – by tactfully serving the prospective buyers with the information that they have been looking for.

To establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email, the marketers can research about the specific stages in the buying cycles to which the prospects belong & can deliver them with the pieces of content accordingly. The intent data can help improving the personalization quotient of the email marketing endeavors.

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4. Leverage the “How-To Guides”:

Sending the “How-To Guides over emails” is an effective tactic for brands to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email. Incorporating short videos in email to explain the existing users how to deploy certain skills to operate specific products or services is an effective way for marketers to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email.

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5. Industry, Niche & Brand Research:

It is inevitable for the marketers to excel at their marketing endeavors without doing enough research about their industry, niches & competitors.

Researching about the industry is an important pre-requisite for the marketers to optimize their marketing endeavors by segmenting & sub-segmenting the market & by developing audience clusters to target the right audiences, at right time with relevant pieces of content.

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6. Deploy Relevant & Valuable Case Studies:

Case studies are amongst effective tools for marketers to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email.

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute more than 70% of the B2B marketers accede that case studies are amongst the most effective assets to improvise the marketing endeavors.

Case studies not only help in promoting customer testimonials for brand equity by enchasing in-depth expertise in a knowledge-driven economy but are also useful in effective story-telling.  Turing your products into stories inspire greater empathy in the prospects, leading to the streamlined sales cycles.

Case stories also spark peer-to-peer influence; can be incorporated into drip campaigns with the help of marketing automation tools for creating invaluable resources for the sales team to leverage on for revenue optimization.

Case studies instigate the existing customers to participate as brand evangelists, promoting the products or services of the specific brands.

Wrapping It Up

Buying is more of an implicit decision than an explicit one & therefore, personalization & striking the emotional chords of the audiences lie at the heart of catapulting the email marketing endeavors in a way to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email. Also, people value people’s experiences beyond just what brands project them to be themselves through ad campaigns.

Incorporating customer testimonials & improving personalization for the readers by talking to their pain-points or delivering them something emotional or simply educating them about trends they have been oblivious about, help to establish trust at first contact with a B2B lead over email.

Couple the personalized email marketing tactics described above with an optimized & clutter-free website to improve your credibility & exponentially improve your sales revenues.

The increase in the casual number of followers via blogging & social media marketing is insufficient, unless your readers are putting their faith in what you do.

According to a B2B web usability report by Huff/KoMarketing 86% of the audiences first want to see relevant information pertaining to the products or services on the homepage of a website and just 8% want to read blogs the very first time their visit a business website. 

That’s because sales comes from building credibility & inspiring the purchase by educating the audiences tactfully. 

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